How Much Does Nutrisystem Cost?

One of the increasingly popular diet plans in Hollywood, Nutrisystem is a highly effective nourishing diet program used by some of the biggest and brightest celebrities today.

These include names like Marie Osmond, Jillian Barberie, and Danielle Fishel. Unlike other diet options out there, this one is guaranteed to be safe, effective, and definitely cost-efficient.

For those who wish to trim down their bodies, check this out and learn how much Nutrisystem costs.

The Price of Nutrisystem Diet Plan

How much does Nutrisystem cost? For only $290 to $340 a month, you can now have a sexier, lighter, and healthier body in no time.

There are two possible options. First, you can choose the $290 package, wherein the diet provider will ship whatever is in the program.

On the other hand, the second option is a more desirable one but is more expensive at the monthly price of $340.

However, the good thing about it is that you can actually choose the meals you wish to eat.

This way, you can only eat what you want in a healthier way while avoiding food that you do not like.

Additional Information and Other Valuable Details

According to reports, those who use Nutrisystem as their diet plan have already lost as much as 40 pounds or more.

The concept behind this wonderful system is basically simple. Instead of eating whatever meal is available in your kitchen, it will be replaced with a pre-arranged meal based on the glycemic index.

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This way, you can trim down weight without starving. Within a day, this diet plan covers five different meals, with some healthy add-ons such as salads and fruits.

Each meal is high in protein and low in calories, which gives your body an easier time to burn fat. Following this system is guaranteed to lose you as much as 2 to 3 pounds a week.

Furthermore, things are made more convenient for customers because there are numerous options available. These include diabetic, women’s, men’s, and vegetarian.

Under this diet plan, you can eat five times a day inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks.

If you will break down the cost of this diet plan, a day would only cost you around $8 to $10. There is truly a wide variety of food options to choose from, including chocolate, tacos, and pizzas.

Of course, there is more. If you purchase this program, you can also have free weight-loss counseling, a so-called mindset makeover, and exercise DVDs.