How Much Does Jenny Craig Cost?

Another wonderful alternative to the numerous expensive diet programs out there, the Jenny Craig weight management program is guaranteed effective, safe, and fast for different kinds of users.

Instituted by Jenny and Sidney Craig, this special diet program tries to combine a well-planned menu with weight management counseling.

Let’s find out more other interesting things about this weight loss program including how much does Jenny Craig cost.

The Price for the Jenny Craig Weight Management Program

How much does Jenny Craig cost? Excluding membership costs, expect to pay somewhere around $125 per week for a regular diet program.

Various factors need to be considered when determining the price of a specific program.

These include the duration of the plan, the menu item as well as the type of program.

Choosing this specific type of diet program is much better than hiring the services of lifestyle coaches, personal exercise trainers, and nutritionists.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

Aside from helping its members lose weight, the company also helps them maintain fit and healthy bodies.

The special maintenance program covers Premium Success, Rewards, and Platinum members. Add to that, the group will teach its members how to plan their very own menus at home.

Because of this, they can easily master the things they need to do to achieve fit and healthy lifestyles, especially with the help of the “Maintenance Mastery Manual.”

The program is very much open to everyone including adolescents. Individuals ages 13 to 17 years old can easily apply to any program as long as they have sought permission from their parents.

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After signing up, they will receive program materials, weekly menus, and private consultations. Aside from teenagers, even breastfeeding mothers can enroll in this special diet and weight management program.

In terms of food quality, there is really nothing bad to say about the program. Some of the food entrees available on the menu include Honey Oat Bar, Chicken Pasta Parmesan, and Turkey Chili among other delicious treats.

Founded sometime in 1985, the company’s headquarters is situated within the seaside resort town of Carlsbad in California. Currently, it operates as a subsidiary of Nestle Nutrition.

The company has already hired a number of famous celebrities to serve as its spokesperson. These include Monica Lewinsky in 2000, Kirstie Alley in 2005, and Queen Latifah in 2008.

The most recent is the beautiful actress Phylicia Rashad, who just joined the group sometime in 2009. Nestle signed a definitive agreement in June 2006, which bought the company for as much as $600 million.

Since then, it has been under the control of Nestle Nutrition.