How Much Should a Private Tutor Charge?

Some have asked how much should tutoring fees be. With prices of tuition scaling higher, people have made hiring a private tutor an option.

Another scenario is one has difficulties with a certain subject thus necessitating the need for a private tutor.

Another common scenario is when you need extra income or a second job; you might consider it as an option.

Determining Your Fee

Searches on the Internet will bring all sorts of information on tutoring fees. This brings to mind how much should a private tutor charge as a suitable tutoring fee.

Your online search will bring out a wide range of possible tutoring fees you can opt to charge.

You’ll be surprised to find that some private tutors would ask for as low as $10 an hour for their services. Some make a better living by asking for as much as $25 to $50.

Then again, you’ll be surprised to find that there are private tutors who ask for as much as $150 for every lesson they teach.

There are those who have thought that a Ph.D. or even just a degree in a certain subject would justify asking for a higher charge per session or per hour.

There are indeed grounds for doing so since a degree or a PhD does represent your expertise.

However, you should also take note that there are more things to consider other than one’s educational background to determine how much you should charge as your fee.

Pricing Your Services

The reason behind finding various prices for private tuition services is the fact that there are different prevailing market prices in different areas.

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It is a good idea to go with the prevailing market price if you’re just starting out. However, it does seem that they tend to average $50 an hour for a tutor who at least has a college degree.

However, do not be surprised to find undergraduate students who are able to charge $40 or so per hour.

Another plus to your credentials would have to be the classes you have taught, talks and presentations you have given, training you have conducted, and your other teaching and lecturing experience.

With that in your belt, you may feel that you have the prerogative to raise your fee.

Other factors to consider include the educational level of the student, location (consider if you have to travel certain distances), subject, and the cost of living in a given area.

Do take note that the tutoring fee isn’t the only consideration when hiring a private tutor. What matters is that both the teacher and the student are satisfied and both are getting their money’s worth.