How Much Money Do Makeup Artists Make?

Makeup artists are individuals who are knowledgeable about creating prosthetics and makeup for fashion magazines, television shows, films, and theatrical performances.

Makeup artistry is not considered a high-paying job but in most instances, the efforts and skills of outstanding artists are recognized in the entertainment industry by giving special awards like the Academy Award for Makeup.

To know how much money makeup artists make, let us look at the average hourly rates that they receive.

Length of Service

How much money do makeup artists make? Professionals who have been practicing the artistry for one year to four years usually get an average hourly rate of $15.12 while artists who have been working for five years to nine years receive an hourly rate of $19.55.

Artists who are working in theatrical performances, films, and television shows for 10 years to 19 years get an hourly rate of $23.25 and those who have been practicing the profession for at least 20 years receive an hourly rate of $24.40.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

The artistry covers different areas of expertise like fashion makeup, theatrical makeup as well and high-definition makeup.

Aside from these, it also covers special effects makeup, and airbrushing. Fashion makeup refers to techniques used by artists when styling celebrities for fashion runways as well as fashion magazine pictorials.

On the other hand, theatrical makeup cover styles are used when styling theatrical artists. High definition is commonly used to remove and minimize flaws.

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Special effects makeup includes the use of prosthetics as well as fantasy makeup. Finally, airbrushing uses the nebulization process to apply water-based makeup.

How to Become a Makeup Artist

It is important that applicants complete training and special courses for makeup applications at reputable schools.

It is advantageous if they attend online training or seminars about doing makeup for television and film, theatrical performances as well as special effects.

In addition, it will also help to start as a freelance artist since it is very helpful in establishing a good reputation in this particular field.

It is best to start in independent films. Even if the pay will not be as high as in popular films, there is a big chance that amateur artists get hired in independent films.

After acquiring enough experience, start applying in theatrical performances, fashion magazines, television shows, and films.

Do not demand high salaries. Prove your worth and skills because when producers recognize your talents, they will not hesitate to increase your salary.