How Much Does a Piece of Paper Weigh?

Known as a material that is used for printing, packaging as well and writing, paper is made from moist fibers that were derived from grasses, wood as well and rags.

This material is commonly characterized by manufacturers and consumers based on weight. Understanding the concept behind paperweights is confusing and difficult.

To know more about the weights of paper, let us have a closer look at the different types of writing material.

The Weights of the Material

How much does a piece of paper weigh? A piece of printing paper usually weighs 60 grams to 120 grams. The normal weight of this material does not exceed 160 grams. When the weight of the material exceeds 160 grams, it is considered as a card.

To avoid confusion about the weights of the material, it is important to know the various methods used by people to identify the weight of a paper. For instance, in the United States, people assign weight in terms of ream, which is composed of 500 sheets.

As an example, a ream of 20 pounds of paper with a size of 8.5 by 11 inches has a weight of five pounds. Below are the weights of the different types of material that are commonly used for writing as well as for printing.

Weights Based on Types

One of the lightest types of the writing material is Vellum 17. Each piece of the item weighs 0.034 pounds or 15.422 grams. Next to Vellum 17 is Vellum 27, which weighs .054 pounds or 24.493 grams per piece.

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The weight of a piece of Vellum 29 is .058 pounds or 26.308 grams while Vellum 30 weighs 0.06 pounds or 27.215 grams per piece.

Solid Text 60 as well as Parchment Text 60 weigh .12 pounds or 54.431 grams. Solid Text 70, Recycled Text 70, Linen Text 70 and Embossed Metallic Text 70 weigh .14 pounds or 63.502 grams.

The weight of a piece of Linen Card 80, Solid Card 80, Laid Card 80, Recycled Card 80 as well as Embossed Metallic Card Stock 80 is .16 pounds or 72.574 grams.

Finally, one of the heaviest types of writing material, Pearlescent Metallic weighs .184 pounds or 83.460 grams per piece.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

The applications of the material are not limited to writing and printing. In present times, many companies use paper for cleaning as well as packaging.

In addition, the item can also be used for construction and creating artwork like origami.