How Much Are Drinks on Carnival Cruises?

You’re ready to cruise on the seas, and you’re hoping to drink to your heart’s content. But will you be paying too much or too little for those drinks to satisfy your thirst?

Are you sure you’re bringing ample budget for these things? Well, hold on to your wallets. It’s time to take a first-hand lesson to know how much are drinks on Carnival cruises before you plan your trip.

Non-alcoholic drinks, like water, are essential. But it’s not considered free anymore on Carnival cruise line ships if you will be bringing your own bottle.

There is a price to pay. And, while you’re contemplating on that one, you have to realize that there is now a policy that allows the staff of the ship to either confiscate or discard any personal or outlawed beverages.

So, to keep it safe, it would be better to purchase the drinks from the cruise ship.

How much are drinks on Carnival cruises?

For starters, we’ll go to the most needed to the most favored, and so on for you to get an idea of how much are drinks on carnival cruises.

Here’s a typical list of the usual beverages and their possible costs to further comprehend how much are drinks on Carnival cruises:

  • For water, purchasing one liter of regular bottled water amounts to about four dollars ($4).
  • An imported one would be a dollar over that amount (or $5).
  • For sodas and energy drinks, the price difference is around $2 to $3 or $5.
  • A cup of coffee would cost around $4 to $6. Sometimes, it is even higher than that amount.
  • Non-alcoholic beer is $4 at most cruise ships. While a 12-ounce and 16-ounce bottle costs about $5.
  • Different brands, though, may have various costs so it would pay to be well-informed about this matter before you order.
  • Some say that parties are not complete without the bubble and sparkle of champagne or wine, Well, if you’re hoping to buy a bottle or two of this, be informed that you would be shelling out around $22 to $35 depending on the label or brand of the liquor.
  • Standard and premium martinis are sold for around $7 and $8 to $9, respectively.
  • Cocktails come in all brands and flavors. Some are exotic and some are labeled as specialty cocktails. For the former, that would cost $6 or more. The latter is typically sold between $6 and $8.
  • Scotch, bourbon, and vodka drinks are priced around $5 to $8 each for a mini bottle of these drinks.
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Now, at least you have an idea of how much are drinks on carnival cruises. But you seem worried about the expenses that you might be making if you purchase any of these drinks.

Don’t worry. Just remember that with your working idea on how many are drinks on Carnival cruises, you can use that knowledge and check out some of the ship’s offers like their “Early Bird Specials” or “Free Alcohol” and other specials to help you save a little more.