How Much Fish Oil Should I Take?

Knowing how much fish oil to take is necessary before you use any. If you take the right amounts, you’ll derive a lot more benefits from it.

What Fish Oil Can Do

Its biggest benefit is getting rid of inflammation. It has also been shown to aid blood flow. It has also positive effects on the way the brain functions.

The main ingredient responsible is the Omega 3 fats. These are fats, but they are vital for the body.

Dosage and Minimum Requirement

For those without any illnesses, 2.5 grams is the lowest amount. For those with chronic pain/inflammation, more is needed. Some increase the amount incrementally.

One way is to keep increasing it as you get the benefits. When determining how much fish oil to take, the minimum requirements are also worth knowing.

When the benefits start dissipating, you should reduce the intake until they come again. The point when they return is the minimum requirement.

Assessing Its Quality

The guide above is based on the presumption you use pharmaceutical-grade quality. These are the top-of-the-line products.

Each contains high levels of Omega-3 fats. The impurities have also been eliminated. These, of course, come at a hefty price tag.

There are cheaper variants available. To make sure you still get high quality, look for the DHA and EPA levels.

If they combine to make up 50% of the oil, it’s of good quality. As you assess how much fish oil to take, look for figures like these: fish oil (1,000 mg), EPA (300 mg), and DHA (200 mg).

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When you buy a nonpharmaceutical type, leave it in the freezer for the night. In the morning take one of the capsules and chop it in half. If the liquid has frozen, don’t drink it; that’s a fake or of poor quality. If it remains liquid, it’s good stuff.

Capsules to Take

You can determine the capsules to take daily based on the EPA and DHA. Add them together to get the grams you want to consume.

This is a critical point when deciding how much fish oil to take. Assume you want 5 grams. That’s equivalent to 500 mg. If each capsule consists of 300 mg of EPA and 200 mg of DHA, you‘ll need to ingest10 capsules daily.

You don’t need to take all the capsules in one go. You can take 2 in the morning and three at lunch. You can take 3 more in the afternoon and the last 2 at supper.

Or you can take five in the morning and five in the afternoon; the choice is yours. If you are taking any medication for other ailments, you should consult your doctor.

For this to work, you need to take them regularly. You should also get the highest quality possible. Taken consistently, you‘ll get the benefits.

One of the reasons why people think it doesn’t work is they don’t take the right amounts. By knowing exactly how much fish oil to take, the health benefits will be more immediate and long-lasting.