How Much is My House Worth?

An interesting question that a homeowner may want to answer is how much their house is worth. It doesn’t matter why one would want to find that out since there are various reasons behind it.

The interesting fact is that there are various ways to get a property appraisal to figure out how much of a home equity you still have.

Free Online Tools for Property Appraisal

A modern-day convenience in getting a property appraisal of your house is the number of tools you can use online. There are various websites and online services that will give you a good valuation of your house.

Back in the day, the only option to get an appraisal for real estate property was to go and call your realtor. With today’s online tools, you won’t have to depend on a single source to have a good idea of how much a house is worth.

A great example of an online tool you can use is incorporated with two popular search online companies specializing in search engines, which are Yahoo and Google.

Zillow is a site that you might want to look at just to get a general idea of how much your house is worth. It is incorporated into the appraisal system of Yahoo so you can search for valuations of homes in a given area.

The neat thing about this online tool is that it will give you a modified map of something that you would normally see in Google Maps.

Both systems are easy to understand and use and with the help of this property appraisal system, you can even locate a neighborhood and see how much homes are worth in that given area.

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You’ll be required to enter the street address of your desired real estate property.

After which you’ll be shown a map of where the said address is located along with property valuations within the neighborhood. You may even check out estimates and details of the properties you find on that map.

If you’re looking for another free online tool you can use then you can try Eppraisal. This one allows you to get estimates of home values by supplying the address you want to query.

These free online tools use public records in order to supply you with the needed information to make a valuation estimate of your home.

Fee-Based Online Tools

However, if you’re looking for more information and valuation on a given property then you might want to look for online tools and sites that are fee-based.

This means that you will have to pay a fee to get a property appraisal done. Sites like these tend to be more detailed and more accurate though.

Drawbacks include a possible slight delay in generating reports and the price for the said services.