How Much Spousal Support Do I Have to Pay?

Formerly known as alimony, the cost of spousal support is determined by several factors. Before getting to the costs, other facts must be clarified.

When Support is to be Given

This is usually provided after the couple’s divorce. In some cases, temporary spousal support is given.

This is a situation wherein the individual provides assistance to his or her partner while the separation process is in the courts.

The support can also be given during legal separation. A legal separation does not actually dissolve the marriage, although the couple gets separated.


The length of time depends on how the case proceeds. If it is temporary, it will only last until the divorce proceedings are finished. The cost of spousal support is of course higher if the assistance is to be permanent.

In most countries, the rule applies to both husband and wife. Most times the wife is given financial assistance. But if the husband is disabled, he is entitled to support too.

Coverage of Temporary Support

The coverage usually (but not always) includes mortgage payments, food, and attorney expenses. If the person is ill, medical expenses are also included as well as transport or travel costs.

This type of financial assistance is only good up to the end of the separation process. It ends when the divorce papers are signed.

Determining the Amount to be Paid

Regardless of whether it is permanent or not, the cost of spousal support will be decided by the courts. There are several factors that need to be assessed.

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The primary consideration of course is the income and financial status of both individuals. This doesn’t just include income from their jobs, but also any properties either party may get from the divorce settlement.

The retirement benefits of the parties are also to be considered.

Two other factors are important. The first is when the party will get custody of the child and has to provide for him or her. The question of whether he or she has a job and the couple’s lifestyle will also be assessed.

Other Factors

The cost of spousal support is also influenced by the condition of both individuals. Any physical, emotional, or mental ailments will play a part. In some cases, the length of the marriage will also affect the decision.

ny properties that both parties got while married are also factors. Any assistance that an individual has provided for the spouse in terms of education / making money will also determine the amount to be paid.

The duration of support will also depend on the time required by the supported party to get a job. The time for training and finding work is given due notice too. Tax issues concerning both parties, lost income and other factors are accounted for.

The amount of support being received or provided can be subject to change. Increasing or reducing it will depend on the financial capabilities of both parties.

Aside from the job situation, remarrying is another basis for changing or stopping the amount given.

The cost of spousal support depends on several factors. The above are overviews of the facts, and consulting a lawyer is still the best option.

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