How Much Do Celebrities Weigh?

Celebrities are lovely people known for their charisma, skills, and their undeniable beauty. Wherever they go, these beautiful individuals easily stand out. In terms of how they weigh, they follow various diet plans, which makes it more difficult to determine their average weight.

Add to that, they have different exercise habits. Generally, these individuals come in different shapes, sizes and weights. Let’s find out more about these individuals by taking a closer look at how much celebrities weigh.

The Weight of Celebrities

How much do celebrities weigh? Because these people come in various shapes and sizes, it is hard to come up with an average weight.

Unlike supermodels, there are no strict standards when it comes to celebrities. As long as they are popular, they can be classified as celebrities. One thing is for sure, these people are highly interesting.

To know more about them, it is good to learn many important details including how much do celebrities weigh.


Here is a quick take on various celebrities including how much they weigh.

Singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham weighs somewhere around 125 pounds. Actress Jessica Alba’s weight is close to 120 pounds.

Pop singer Kelly Clarkson is reported to weigh around 180 pounds. Singer Britney Spears is reported to weigh close to 126 pounds.

Sometimes, it is also good to look at the height of celebrities when finding out how much they really weigh.

For instance, Jennifer Lopez stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall with a weight of 120 pounds.

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With a height of 5 feet and 11 inches, actor George Clooney nicely weighs in at 210 pounds. Brad Pitt stands 6 feet tall and has a weight of 200 pounds.

There are many other celebrities out there with interesting weights including Arnold Schwarzenegger at 257 pounds, Sylvester Stallone at 220 pounds, and Ashlee Simpson close to 120 pounds.

Additional Tips and Other Interesting Details

The term celebrity covers various professions. For example, television actors, movie stars, and even politicians are considered celebrities.

The same goes for dancers, journalists, and other jobs that get used to following and support from the public.

Supermodels always receive many following, such as the case for topnotch fashion models like Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss.

Even people in sports are considered as celebrities including National Basketball Association player Kobe Bryant, professional tennis player Maria Sharapova and world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao.

Even those in sports entertainment can be classified as celebrities including World Wrestling Entertainment superstars like Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy and John Cena.

Just like all the other celebrities, these individuals come in various shapes and sizes.