How Much Money Do Lawyers Make?

Lawyers are counsels, solicitors, or attorneys who have acquired a professional license to practice the rules of conduct implemented in a particular country.

Becoming a lawyer requires individuals to be knowledgeable in the practical application of laws as well as legal concepts.

To know how much money lawyers make, let us have a closer glance at their average annual salary.

Salary Range

How much money do lawyers make? The salary range of these professionals depends on their specializations.

Professionals who practice general law have an average annual salary of $64,134 while those who practice litigation and appeals make $78,568 a year.

Attorneys who are involved with real estate, land use as well and construction make $74,311 a year.

Those who specialize in laws governing wrongful deaths and personal injury have an average yearly salary of $68,740.

Solicitors and attorneys who are involved in the fields of insurance law and family law receive an annual salary of $73,712 and $60,187, respectively.

Finally, individuals who practice laws concerning business, corporate as well and mergers and acquisitions have an average annual salary of $84,232.


The qualifications for becoming a lawyer differ in countries. In some nations, law is offered for undergraduate students while in other countries, students should complete a four-year baccalaureate degree before they study a Master of Laws degree.

After attaining the educational prerequisites, it is important that they undergo apprenticeships in law firms and agencies. Above all, to become an attorney, it is important that graduates pass a licensure examination given by the national government.

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Responsibilities and Duties

Some of the responsibilities of counsels and attorneys include offering oral arguments in state courts and national courts.

Aside from these, lawyers are also in charge of drafting and researching papers related to litigations and appeals. The papers should include the arguments as well as a detailed description of cases that they are filing or appealing.

Another responsibility of attorneys is to draft and negotiate contracts. Professionals who practice and who are experts in law are also responsible for the defense as well as prosecution of criminal suspects.

This task includes a thorough examination of the case, evaluation of the position of their clients involved in a particular case as well as preparation of evidence and papers that will support their oral and written argument.

Above all, attorneys are in charge of the drafting and notarization of papers related to the transfer of deeds, mortgages, real properties, wills, and drafts.

To avoid having problems with their clients, it is important that counselors always maintain good rapport and relationships with clients.