How Much Do Teachers Make?

Teachers are professional individuals who have acquired a license to educate other individuals. Educators can be employed in formal organizations like schools, colleges, and universities.

They can also work as private tutors. To know the basic salaries that they receive, it is important to examine the annual income that they make based on various factors including the type of employment as well as tenure.


How much do teachers make? Elementary school educators usually receive an average annual pay of $40,279 while middle school educators make a median pay of $41,947 a year.

Educators who work at high schools make an estimated annual pay of $42,785. Those who teach special children at the secondary level receive a salary of $44,286 a year.

Special children educators who work at middle schools get an average annual pay of $42,750.

Type of Employment

Teachers who were recruited by school districts make a median yearly pay of $41,768 while those who were hired by state and local governments get $42,548 a year.

Educators who were recruited by the national government receive a yearly income of $41,806. Teachers who work for nonprofit organizations and firms get an annual pay of $36,828 and $34,999 respectively.

Educators who were employed in hospitals make $45,987 a year and those who work in colleges and universities receive an annual income of $35,829.

Length of Service

Aside from position and type of employment, the income of educators is also based on the length of service.

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Educators who have been practicing the profession for less than a year receive a yearly pay of $34,226 while teachers who have been in service for a year up to four years get an annual pay of $36,608.

Licensed educators who have been working for five to nine years receive an annual salary of $42,057. Those who have been teaching students for 10 years to 19 years usually get a yearly income of $48,945.

Educators who have been in service for 20 years or more usually get an annual pay of $56,355.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

Becoming a teacher is not difficult. To become a professional educator, it is important to finish a degree in education.

It is also necessary to take pre-elementary courses if you are planning to teach preschool students or elementary courses if you like to teach elementary students.

After completing a degree, it is necessary to pass a licensure examination administered by the state government. It is advantageous to attend seminars and special trainings that can help you learn how to interact with students and colleagues.