How Much is My Trailer Worth?

A trailer is a mobile home that people can bring from one place to another, depending on the laws of the place. This kind of prefabricated house is commonly used in high-density development as well as rural areas.

They can be moved easily from one particular location to another, usually with the help of tractor-trailers. Primarily, this kind of mobile home is available in two common sizes, namely single-wide as well as doublewide.

However, some trailers are triple-wide. Here is a closer look at this type of movable residence including how much are trailers worth.

The Prices for Trailers

How much is my trailer worth? Prices for trailers vary depending on the quality of these mobile homes. For older and used trailers, the price usually stands close to $5,000.

Meanwhile, some owners can sell their units for as much as $20,000. On the other hand, people can buy brand-new units within the $30,000 to $40,000 price range.

Take a closer look and use this guide to determine where your trailer falls amongst these given categories.

Additional Information and Other Interesting Details

The concept of having a mobile house was derived from the idea of travel trailers. The major purpose of having this kind of house is mobility.

The earlier versions measured at most 8 feet wide. In 1956, a new line of units was manufactured, each of which measures at least 10 feet or 3 meters wide.

It was also during that time when the term mobile home was used to describe it. The introduction of this type of residence offered people a good alternative to regular houses.

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Today, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development is in control of matters concerning the use of trailer homes. The laws governing these mobile homes are included in the Federal National Mfd.

Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act, which was approved sometime in 1974. In 1992, newer and better standards were set for the home construction industry. These important changes called for the improvement in the durability of houses.

The modern method of constructing a trailer starts with frames. When they are all set, it is now time to attach the interior wall assemblies. After that, carefully put the exterior wall assemblies.

The next thing to be placed is the roof assembly. When all of these are set up properly, it is now time to complete the drywall.

When the mobile home is complete, it can now be delivered to mobile home parks and other locations where the owners want them. In the United States alone, people can choose from any of the 35,000 trailer parks available.