How Much Do Monkeys Cost?

The cost of monkeys starts at $1,500 and some can go up to $30,000 or more.

Even if you can afford to buy one, there are other considerations that must be accounted for.


Aside from the money, you need to check with the local authorities to see if it is legal. Some allow them, but others don’t as they can be hard to control.

Some of these animals are sold in the black market but most of them come from illegal sources. If you need to get a permit, you must submit all the necessary papers.

A Difficult Pet

But even if you can afford the high cost of monkeys, it can be very difficult to control them. These are not like dogs or cats you can pet around.

Left on their own, the animals will pee everywhere, open the fridge and get the food. They can be very noisy and playful.

Some have been known to damage furniture and pry open doors and windows.

Health and Safety Issues

People who own these pets will rarely get the chance to go out and travel because these creatures just can’t be left alone in the house. Finding someone to take care of them is hard as monkeys are very hard to manage.

Another problem is that the animals bite. If you go out and take the monkey with you, it could bite someone. Not only will you lose the animal, but you could face a lawsuit too. So the cost of monkeys can go much higher in this respect.

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Apart from building a good cage, you should also send the animal to a vet. This is the best way to be sure that it doesn’t carry a disease.


Unlike dogs or cats, monkeys require balanced and varying foods. If the food they consume is the same, they’ll lose appetite and boredom will set in. Their diet should consist not just of bananas but of other fruits.

These include apples, mangoes and papaya. Vegetables, both cooked and fresh are recommended too. To provide variety, you can give them yogurt, cereal, and some eggs.


Of course, the cost of monkeys will include their home. The number one rule for cages is that the bigger it is, the better. It is also a good idea if you include various items there.

You can throw in some leaves, tires, and other assorted toys. These are necessary to prevent boredom from creeping in.

Cage cleanup should be done at least once a week. However, droppings and other wastes should be removed daily.

Also, add some shading to it so the animal doesn’t suffer because of the heat. Make sure that the cage is secure so it doesn’t attempt to bolt away.

But even if you build shade, it must still allow sunlight to get in. Most primates require plenty of sunshine.

As the facts show, the cost of monkeys can be substantial. If you want to have this exotic pet, you don’t just need money, but also time and dedication.