How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Motorcycle?

The cost of shipping a motorcycle from state to state would be at least $800.

The following information must also be considered before you proceed.

As you’ll see, other issues will shape the final cost.

Before Shipping

Contact your service and give them the dimensions of your bike. They may accept only those of certain sizes.

Assuming the limit is 96” x 40” and yours exceeds it, a special shipment will be required. It would mean a higher charge.

Most would also require you to get the bike’s weight. You can check this out on the motorbike’s website.

Almost all services will also ask you to remove the fuel from the vehicle. Besides emptying the tank you should also take the lock off the steering.

Besides the cost of shipping a motorcycle, other facts you need to know are the following: remove all the keys and other items from the saddle bags.

Most services won’t handle the keys and other papers. These need to be delivered via courier.

Waiting Time

Notifying the company in advance is recommended. It will help expedite the process. On average, giving them a week’s notice is sufficient. The delivery time will depend on a host of factors.

These include the distance and prevailing weather conditions. If the route specified isn’t used often, it’ll take longer. Usually, the period is five days minimum up to two weeks or more.

Some companies do offer special fast services. If you want yours to be given priority, expect the cost of shipping a motorcycle to go up.

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Other Factors Affecting the Price

Apart from routes and weather conditions, the motorbike itself determines the price. The size and mileage are just two of them. The delivery location is another one.

Shipping companies will also include insurance among the charges. Insurance usually maxes out at $5,000. If you require higher insurance, you should contact the company.

Choosing a Service

There are plenty to choose from. Don’t just look at those with low rates. Check the insurance too. If the rate is too low, the insurance might be small.

Worse, the service might be shoddy. Assess the payment methods available. Most accept credit cards, check, and money order. Get the one that suits you most.

Some Reminders

Here are a few more things to remember besides the cost of shipping a motorcycle. Ask the company if they’ll let someone accept the bike on your behalf. If for some reason you can’t be there, inquire if someone else can sign the paper.

Usually, a delivery confirmation call will be made. It can be anytime from 1 to 3 days prior to delivery. If you’re sure you can be there, it won’t be needed. But it won’t hurt to know the facts.

Get as much detail as possible. If the bike isn’t working, companies might ship it only under certain conditions. Inform them and ask if there will be additional charges.

The cost of shipping a motorcycle sometimes goes up because people forget to obtain the details. Get all the facts first, and you’ll stay within your budget.