How Much is My Guitar Worth?

One regularly recurring question about guitars that you might have observed yourself is of how much a guitar is worth. There are those who go through their stuff in the attic and find an old six-string and wonder just how much it would be worth.

Then again, there are also others who need a bit of extra cash and would like to sell their instrument, of course, they would need to know how much it would be worth.

A Difficult Question

A musical instrument appraisal is basically the expert opinion of a professional regarding the authenticity and its market value. The truth is that this task is never easy.

There are a lot of factors that can affect your guitar’s current market value. If you think it’s as easy going over to the store or checking out magazines or store flyers and comparing prices is enough, you better think again.

There is more to it than just comparing what model you have in hand.

Factors Affecting Price

There are various factors affecting musical instrument appraisal. You don’t simply look at your guitar and judge how much you can sell it only by how it looks or how it sounds.

There are two things you need to find out in order to make a good musical instrument appraisal.

First you should figure out what guitar you have. Whether you have an acoustic or electric guitar, you should figure out what model it is.

Sometimes the brand of the instrument does help and would be your first clue. Once you know the brand you can go from there and find out what model it is. You may go online and visit the website of that particular brand.

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You then compare if you have the same model as the one you see on the site. Knowing what kind of guitar you have helps in getting a good musical instrument appraisal.

Next, you should ascertain the condition of your guitar. Figure out what wood was used, and the condition of each part especially the fretboard.

Check for dings, scratches, and damaged parts for any repairs to be made. These will definitely affect your musical instrument appraisal and eventually your guitar’s fair market value.

Where to Get a Musical Instrument Appraisal

The easiest way to find someone who can make a valuation for you is to go online and search for companies that offer appraisal services.

You can also look up vintage instrument dealers to get an appraisal. Those who offer their services will charge you a fee and will require you to give photos and detailed descriptions of your guitar.