How Much Does Brooke Hogan Weigh?

Brooke Hogan is the daughter of highly popular wrestling icon Hulk Hogan. She is a television personality, actress, and pop singer.

She was one of the main characters of the hit reality TV show “Hogan Knows Best.” When the show was canceled, she became part of the show’s spinoff entitled “Brooke Knows Best.”

Unlike the original show which focused on family life, the focus of the show shifted to the independent life of Brooke away from home. Let’s take a closer look at her life including how much Brooke Hogan weighs.

The Weight of Brooke Hogan

How much does Brooke Hogan weigh? Standing tall at 5 feet and 11 inches, her weight is close to 160 pounds.

Her real name is Brooke Ellen Bollea. She was born on May 5, 1988 in Tampa, Florida. She is the daughter of professional wrestler Terrence Gene Bollea, who is popularly known as Hulk Hogan.

She has already worked for three record labels, namely TransContinental, Storch Music Co., and SoBe Entertainment. Her workout regimen contributes greatly to her nice-looking and healthy body.

Additional Details and Other Interesting Information

Brooke starred with her father in the VH1 profile entitled “(Inside) Out: Hulk Hogan, Stage Dad,” which lasted an hour long. The show was a good one for the family as it helped spawn the reality TV series “Hogan Knows Best.”

According to her father, the show was created with the primary purpose of boosting her music career. Aside from starring in reality TV programs, she is also a good singer.

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In 2006, she released her debut music release entitled “Undiscovered.” In 2009, she has already released her second album with the title “The Redemption.”

Although she was still below 21 years old, she already posed for the November 2006 issue of FHM. Just to be able to feature her legally, the magazine sacrificed liquor advertising because she was still underage during that time.

In July 2008, her television show “Brooke Knows Best” first aired on VH1. She made a cameo appearance in the 2006 thriller “Final Destination 3.”

Despite the limited success of her music career, many people still consider it a good one. In 2004, she had an unreleased album under TransContinental Records entitled “This Voice.”

In 2006, SoBe Entertainment released “Undiscovered,” which includes songs like “For a Moment,” “Heaven Baby” and “About Us.” In 2009, SoBe Entertainment released “Judgment Day,” with singles such as “Heart Breaker” and “Birthday Sex.”

Her latest album entitled “The Redemption” was also released in 2009, with cool songs like “Hey Yo!” and “Falling.”