How Much Does the Average Fireworks Display Cost?

Estimating the average cost of fireworks depends on the scale of the display. A display in your backyard will just cost you a few hundred dollars.

For the 4th of July type shows, the expense will run into the several thousands. The following are the typical prices for some popular firecrackers and displays.


Coming in the day and night types, these cost about $2. Those with multiple shots can cost up to $20. The single (and cheaper) types usually come with one or two shots only.

When they are released, it consists of smoke and sparks resembling parachutes.

The multi-shot variant comes with more colors. The night versions are similar to the daytime, and the average cost of fireworks is the same (from $2 to $15).


Technically these are not fireworks but they are part and parcel of most displays. They are also known as poppers and eject confetti.

Popular with kids, they usually sell for a dollar or so per box. Each one may contain fifty or more.


These firecrackers rise in the air and explode into different colors. Bottle rockets cost a couple of dollars each (a dozen in each package). They can be used with most bottles and are rarely over a foot long.

The skyrockets cost at least $5 per piece. Unlike bottle rockets, these come with more displays. One reason why the average cost of fireworks of this type is high is the numerous effects included.

A single explosion may include strobes, parachutes, and more. It is like getting several crackers for one.

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Roman Candles

The average type retails for about $2. The larger ones cost a dollar or so more. The standard types shoot just one star with a single color. The more complex ones will produce various colors.

The accompanying sounds vary too. Some will explode while others have a whistling sound or some sort of flash.


Smokes are also popular in celebration, often used along with poppers. A six-pack is worth about a couple of dollars.

There are also smoke grenades which cost about $2 each. These smokes come in various colors. The duration is usually at least two minutes.

Strobe Variants

The average cost of fireworks will increase if several strobes or snakes are used.

The snake is shaped like a pellet. It got its name because burning produces ash that resembles a serpentine shape. One box costs about $2.


Sparklers look like small fountains and can be held by hand. Lighting the end will illuminate and radiate a gold color. A box containing six pieces cost a dollar.

Some come in three colors and last for half a minute. They do cost a little bit more though, but usually by a dollar only.

Tips for Managing Fireworks Displays

If your town is planning a fireworks display show, have a look at different stores. The cost may vary and some sell for a lower price if bought in large packs.

Of course, you should also get those of high quality. Remember that the longer the display, the more expensive it will be.

The average cost of fireworks is ultimately dependent on the size of the program.

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Having a look around various shops will help you find the most affordable (yet exciting) variants.