How Much is My Motorcycle Worth?

If you are thinking of selling your bike, having an idea of the worth of motorcycles is a must. There are several factors that will determine the price.

General Price

The following is a rough estimate of some motorbikes. Bear in mind that other factors will influence its value, including condition. However, this can serve as a general guide.

Harley Davidson

For the XLH 883 Sportster (5-year-old) it’s about $5,000. The same amount is expected of the 883 Hugger.

For a 3-year-old Dyna Wide 1500, it is about $10,000. The 3-year Dyna Low Rider costs about $13,000.

The Dyna Glide T Sport 15000 retails for about $13,000 also.

The VRSCA V Rod 1150 (1 year) market price is almost $17,000. The FLHR Road King costs about $14,000 and the three-year-old Fat Boy $13,500.

The worth of motorcycles is highly influenced by the brand. As the Harley is one of the most well-known, the bikes will fetch a good price.


The following prices are based on the assumption the models are no more than three years old. For four years and older, the price will be a little lower.

The City Fly is worth about $2,000. The XLR125 costs about the same. The XL125V Varadero can fetch a price of $3,500.

The CB500 is worth a few hundred dollars more. The Transalp, NT650 Deauville, and VT750 Shadow all sell for around $4,500 to $5,000.

The worth of motorcycles (for the Honda brand) goes up with the VTR1000 SP2, which has a value of $8,000. The ST1 Pan European, Valkyrie, and VTX1800 are worth around $10,000 or more.

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Other Models

The R850R BMW (1 year old) is worth about $7,000. The BMW R1150RS sells for $12,000 and so does the K1200LT.

The Caviga F65OCS (1-year-old) can fetch about $5,000, while the Ducati 748R (1 year) is worth about $13,000.

Tips on Selling and Buying

Here are a few suggestions to help you sell that bike. First, have all the necessary information displayed.

When selling online, have the specific model and year listed. Of course, having a good-sized picture is necessary.

The worth of motorcycles will be better appreciated if potential buyers can see it.

However, you should keep the picture size small. Try to keep it below 120 kb. If it’s too large, buyers may not wait for it to load.

A maximum resolution of 640 x 480 is acceptable. When describing it, highlight its positive features. At the same time, be truthful in describing its condition.

A few other things to keep in mind: have your email address on the site. Leave a phone number too, so the buyer will have plenty of opportunities to contact you.

If you are a buyer, look up various websites to get the right price. Make sure to have a good look at the bike before buying it too.

Knowing the worth of motorcycles will help you get an idea of how much to pay or make. A little research will go a long way towards helping you find the right buyer or seller.