How Much is Master P Worth?

The wealth of Master P has been put somewhere between $100 to $200 million.

While he became known as a rapper, his money grew when he expanded to other entertainment-related ventures.

Early Life and Career

Master P was born Percy Miller in New Orleans in 1969. After going to Houston University, he departed to the West Coast. He set up a record store called No Limit Records. The money came from a medical malpractice suit that killed his grandfather.

Eventually, Miller tried his luck at recording himself. He teamed up with his brothers to form TRU.

He worked for a while in A Limit Records but left. The wealth of Master P started to grow when he established his own label, No Limit Records.

While he continued to release million-selling albums, his label also produced several well-known rappers.

Among them were Snoop Dogg, Soulja Slim, and UGK. Miller’s brothers also worked under his label.

His offspring Romeo and Young V also release albums under the company.

The Rapper and Entrepreneur

His 1994 album The Ghettos are Tryin’ to Kill Me! was one of the biggest sellers of his No Limit record label.

However, he also went into the movies. His debut was I’m Bout It. It was a success, topping the Billboard Video charts.

The accompanying soundtrack also made it to the top of the Billboard R&B. One of the reasons why the wealth of Master P continued to grow was his singles.

Even though he was into other businesses, his songs kept making the charts.

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Business Empire

His No Limit Record became No Limit Entertainment. Apart from records, his company ventured into clothing, movies, and sports.

The company also went into real estate and travel. Miller also created a new label, Take a Stand. The label is noteworthy for signing up artists only if they use clean lyrics.

Miller also manages centers for the youth. These include the P. Miller Youth Center and his P. Miller Food and Homeless Foundation.

Part of the wealth of Master P is used to fund these groups. He is also involved in advocating financial awareness.

Film and Other Media

Miller has appeared in several films and TV programs. Among them are Gone in 60 Seconds, Uncle Willy’s Family, and Hollywood Homicide. He has also appeared in TV shows like Dancing with the Stars.

Miller is also the manager of Lil Romeo, his son. In addition, he has also created a cartoon show called Gee Gee the Giraffe.

As with his other activities, the show is oriented towards entertaining kids. At the same time, it aims to educate them.

In addition, Miller has his own cable channel. His No Limit Sports manages the careers of some NFL and NBA players. His company is also planning to release video games as well.

Through wise investments, the wealth of Master P has expanded greatly. At the same time though, Miller has gone out of his way to share his wealth with the less fortunate.