How Much Does Concrete Cost?

Although the cost of concrete varies, having ideas or ballpark figures can be helpful.

The following should help you get a rough assessment of the total expenses.

The Grading

Grading means checking if the area is suitable for use with concrete. This is very important, especially if the project is medium or large scale.

There are professionals you can hire to make the proper appraisal.

The cost is around $45 per hour. This is usually the rate, but it may cost more or be a little lower. Some may charge depending on area size.

The Foundation

When analyzing the cost of concrete, this element cannot be ignored. Big projects will require a foundation. The foundation itself may require excavating the area and adding gravel.

The cost of the gravel is at least $12 per cubic yard. You may make inquiries if you want the cost in cubic feet instead.

Cost of Labor

The fee can be a dollar for every square foot. However, this is a very rough estimate. The number of people you employ and the working hours they put in will also affect the price. You can save some money by doing this yourself.

However, this can be backbreaking work. Even if you collaborate with friends, this will take more time. Because of the arduous nature of the task, getting the right personnel is preferable.

Adding Reinforcements

The cost of concrete is also influenced by the reinforcement you add. To avoid cracks, you need to install wire mesh or steel rebar.

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Concrete is pretty strong, but exposure to adverse weather conditions can weaken it. These reinforcements will help it be more durable. The average cost is 10 cents for every square.

The Concrete

The average figure is $70 for every cubic yard. But the price is not standardized. Stores may sell it at varying prices.

Estimating the Total Costs

To get an idea of how much everything will set you back, take stock of the area. After getting the measurement, call the contractor.

Give them the figure and they will be able to give you a good estimate. They will not just tell you the cost of concrete, but the other tools as well.

Also, bear in mind that the quoted prices are for the concrete job only. You can also have them do a paint job. If you want to add this element as well as stamping, the expenses will be much higher.

Talking to Contractors

It is always a good idea to ask around. It is certain that there are more than a few contractors in your area. Call a few to get figures on the various prices.

When you go to the store, check to see if they match. This will keep you from being shortchanged. It takes time, but it might save you some money.

The costs of concrete are not cheap. However, they are among the most reliable building materials around.

With the proper estimation, you can get the project finished without busting your pockets.