How Much Does Ashlee Simpson Weigh?

Although she would always be compared to her sister Jessica, Ashlee Simpson has established herself as a consistently good actress, songwriter, and singer in her own right.

Her 2004 debut music release “Autobiography” was very impressive, while her reality TV program “The Ashlee Simpson Show” was truly entertaining.

Many people love her because of her excellent vocals and superb songwriting skills. Furthermore, there are many other interesting things to find out about her including how much Ashlee Simpson weighs.

The Weight of Ashlee Simpson

How much does Ashlee Simpson weigh? Her weight stands somewhere between 115 and 125 pounds. Her birth name is Ashley Nicole Simpson and has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches.

She was born in the City of Waco Texas on October 3, 1984. She plays outstanding pop-rock music and currently performs and records songs under Geffen Records.

Additional Tips and Other Interesting Details

Before Ashlee’s career took off, she first worked as a backup dancer for her older sister Jessica Simpson, who was at that time very popular.

After that, she appeared in films and television shows, playing one minor role after the other. In 2001, she appeared in an episode of the Fox Network sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle.”

In 2002, she played a small part in Rob Schneider’s comedy movie “The Hot Chick.” Meanwhile, she spent most of her time between 2002 and 2004 taping the hit drama TV series “7th Heaven,” where she appeared in a total 39 episodes.

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1n 2004, her career in music and television took off when she was given a contract to star in her very own reality program “The Ashlee Simpson Show.”

During that same year, she released her debut album “Autobiography,” which instantly became a hit. In 2005, she launched her second album entitled “I Am Me.”

Her third album was released in 2008 with the title “Bittersweet World.” She also conducted highly successful concert tours in 2005, 2006 and 2008.

Simpson is a great music performer who has already won several prestigious awards. In the 2004 Teen Choice Awards, her music single “Pieces of Me” was selected as the Choice Song of the Summer.

In that same event, she also received the Choice Fresh Face Award. In the 2004 Billboard Awards, she was recognized as the Best New Female Artist of the Year.

In the 2005 MTV Asia Video Music Awards, she was selected as the Favorite International Breakthrough Artist. In the 2006 MTV Australia Video Music Awards, her music single “Boyfriend” was chosen as the Best Pop Video.

Also in that very same event, she was given the Best Female Artist Award.