How Much Do Cornrows Cost?

The cost of cornrows can be as low as $50 to as high as over $100. But if you learn how to do it yourself, it will cost next to nothing.

Reason for Cost Disparity

Just like with any other haircut, it will depend on where you get your hair done. If it’s just in the neighborhood, it won’t cost much. If you go to a fancy place like Beverly Hills it’ll cost more.

Of course, the hairstylist will probably throw a few more extra services besides giving your hair a new look.

Some get their hair done by cosmetology grads or newbies. Usually, they’ll charge less than $70, maybe even $50 or so.

If you want your hair done by seasoned hairstylists, expect the cost of cornrows to go up. An alternative is to just ask one of your friends to help you do it.

Do it Yourself

If you really want to save on costs, you can do the job yourself. The basic steps are as follows.

Start by separating a section of your hair. Get a subsection and make a braid. Grab some more hair. As you move along, just get some more of the hair and keep repeating the process.

For blacks, their thick hair means 5 centimeters will be enough to begin. For Caucasians, it needs to be at least 7 centimeters. In some cases, 10 centimeters may be required to start.

For them, the cost of cornrows may go up. This is because they’ll need some moisturizer to keep the hair in place. If it’s not applied, the style might not hold.

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Properly kept, it will last up to a month or even six weeks. After that time, you should have it removed for a while.

This will keep the hair from being stuck that way. If you left them for too long, try using a manicure tipped punch. It should untangle the hair.


Here are a few tips to keep your new hairstyle in place. Moisturizers will help keep it safe from extreme weather. Second, you should sleep wearing a scarf or something like it; the pillow will damage the hair.

The cost of cornrows, maintenance-wise, isn’t that high. To clean it, place a stocking all over the braids. Add water. Next, add some shampoo. On average two tbsp of shampoo for every liter of water is the formula.

Don’t take the stocking cap off when you rinse. Use a water massager and get the water through the braids. Add some conditioner after rinsing. Alternatively, the gel will help keep it in place.

Other Reminders

If you want to try it, you should do some research first. It can be fun to do yourself, but having a knowledgeable friend will be helpful.

If you want to do it yourself, just be patient. Try not to make it too tight. Remove them if you feel uncomfortable.

The bottom line is that the cost of cornrows can be dirt cheap. If you know how to do it, there’s no need to pay anyone.