How Much Weight Has Star Jones Lost?

One of the highly controversial television personalities in the U.S., Star Jones easily draws the attention as well as the interest of many audiences because of her lively reporting and commentaries.

She is a lawyer who also works as a co-host for “The View,” a talk show that airs on ABC every morning during weekdays.

Furthermore, she got the attention of many people when she made a major change in her body, successfully turning her fat figure into a much sexier one.

A Closer Look at the Weight of Star Jones

How much weight has Star Jones lost? The change in her weight was not an ordinary one, where a person would shed around 10 to 20 pounds only. Instead, Jones lost a significant 150 to 160 pounds. In reality, the radical weight loss was a result of surgery.

According to reports, she underwent a gastric bypass surgery that helped her achieve a more desirable figure.

In support of such medical procedures, she follows a special diet thereafter.

Add to that, she also exercises regularly to maintain her improved body shape.

Additional Information and Other Interesting Details

Her full name is Starlet Marie Jones. She was born on March 24, 1962, in the town of Badin in North Carolina. In 2004, she married Al Reynolds. However, that marriage was short-lived, and eventually it ended in 2008.

Her TV career started in 1991 when the cable network Court TV recruited her to work as a commentator in a rape trial that involved a physician named William Kennedy Smith.

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After that, she served as a legal correspondent for many years in the NBC news programs “NBC Nightly News” and “Today.” In 1994, she decided to leave the network in favor of her own show entitled “Jones & Jury.”

The program only lasted for a year, but it paved the way for her to enter “Inside Edition,” where she served as chief legal analyst.

Her popularity increased even more when she was designated to head the coverage of the highly publicized murder trial that involved O.J. Simpson. Furthermore, she was the sole reporter who interviewed the defendant all throughout the civil trial.

She started to work as a co-host for “The View” in 1997. This event gave her more public exposure. More importantly, it appealed a lot to the audience because she was the very first African-American to work as a co-host for the program.

She left the show in the closing days of June 2006 when the head of the show did not offer her a contract extension for the 10th season of the program.