How Much Money Do FBI Agents Make?

Being an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (also known as FBI) is very challenging, exciting, and rewarding. The duties of FBI agents focus on conducting investigations related to the security of the country.

There are times that the agents get involved in risky operations related to sensitive issues like drug trafficking and organized crimes.

To know how much money FBI agents make, let us look at the median annual salary that they receive based on employment type, position as well and tenure.

Tenure or Length of Service

How much money do FBI agents make? Employees who have been working as agents in the Federal Bureau of Investigation for less than a year make an average annual pay of $47,500 while those who have been in service for one year to four years make a median income of $57,705 a year.

Agents who have been working for five years to nine years have an average annual salary of $81,237 and those who practice the profession for 10 years to 19 years receive a median pay of $95,211 a year.

Employees who are in service for 20 years and above make an average annual income of $119,592.


Type of Employer

In terms of employment type, FBI agents who were recruited by the federal government make a median salary of $81,372 and those who were hired by state and local governments receive an annual pay of $67,170.

Agents who work for companies make a median income of $62,464 a year.

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The salaries of FBI agents also depend on their positions. For instance, GS-10 agents have a base annual income of $42,548 to $53,185.

If they get promoted to GS-13 agents, then their annual salary will increase to approximately $64,478 to $80,597 exclusive of benefits.

How to Become an Agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation

There are some special requirements that should be satisfied to become an agent at the bureau.

Applicants should graduate from an accredited or recognized law school or they should finish a degree in information technology, accounting as well or electrical engineering from a reputable college or university.

To be considered for the job, applicants must complete two and a half months of training at the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the Quantico, Virginia base of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Job Overview

Agents are in charge of monitoring wiretaps that were authorized by the court, conducting surveillance as well and evaluating business records.

In addition, they are also involved in undercover missions. Above all, FBI agents investigate different types of crimes affecting the federal government like fraud, copyright infringement, terrorism, and civil rights violations.