How Much is Steve Jobs Worth?

Steve Jobs is a CEO with a celebrity status. Known for his strong quirky character and colorful personal background, Steve Jobs is undoubtedly a prolific businessman for making Apple a huge success.

Of course, being a Chief Executive Officer and part-owner of Apple means millions of dollars in salary and profit. After all, Apple is known for producing personal computers and gadgets such as the Macbook, iPod, and iPhone.

Apple’s strong presence in the gadgets and electronics industry has made it into a billion-dollar company. It is also active in the New York stock market, making Apple one of the most profitable stocks in its industry.

The question about how much Steve Jobs is worth is basically dependent on his salary as CEO of Apple and the stock prices of his companies, such as Pixar.

Steve Jobs is known to be very valuable to Apple more than any other CEO in the world. It is estimated that Apple can lose more than 15 billion dollars in market prices of its stock the moment Steve Jobs steps down as CEO of the company.

This gives us a hint about his salary as a CEO of Apple. Apple made it known that Steve Jobs made 1 million dollars in basic pay as CEO, certainly less than what CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies make.

However, what makes Steve Jobs one of the highest-paid CEOs in the world is his compensation package as a CEO, such as stock options and other perks—totaling more than 600 million dollars in one year alone.

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Steve Jobs was also given an airplane worth 50 million dollars as a company bonus. Certainly, his one-million dollar paycheck is dwarfed by his entire compensation package, giving us a clue of how much is Steve Jobs worth.

Knowing how much Apple, Pixar and other companies Steve Jobs owns are worth might give an answer to the question of how much is Steve Jobs worth.

After all, Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple and owner of other well-known companies, such as Pixar, which is known for producing 3D animation films.

The question of how much is Steve Jobs worth can be answered depending on the stock prices of his companies, as he owns millions of stocks in those companies.

Of course, stock prices fluctuate, and can therefore increase or decrease in time. So far, Apple has performed well enough in the market, with its stock prices going beyond the 100-dollar mark.

Pixar is also a profitable company by producing blockbuster hits with its animated films.

So how much is Steve Jobs worth? He is worth approximately a little over 5 billion dollars.