How Much is My Painting Worth?

If you’re looking for a chance to sell a painting or any other work of art or are just curious just how much a painting really worth is, you might want to go get an art appraiser to do the estimates for you. You might even be wondering if you can do that on your own.

One idea that might have come right out of the top of your head would be to just check out the prices of art pieces according to the artist.

The real question here is to find out if the prices you find on a list for a certain artist’s work are just as good as the valuation given by an art appraiser.

We’ll go over some of the ideas associated with art appraisal and figure out if your painting’s price is better checked with a list or by an appraiser.

Why Do an Art Appraisal

Getting a valuation and appraisal of your painting has to do more than wanting to sell it. In fact, there may well be other reasons why people would want to have their paintings and other works of art appraised.

Getting your artwork appraised is a vital part of owning any piece of art. You may look at it as a way to protect a huge investment you have made.

Another reason why one has to get an art appraisal is because the prices of artwork change very quickly. This is one reason why the lists of current prices for various artists are not that reliable.

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This will also become helpful whenever you need to adjust your insurance coverage. You definitely need to know both your painting’s current value and its replacement value.

Not only is this information helpful when adjusting your insurance, but it also helps when you looking to sell the painting.

Where to Get an Art Appraisal

You have a couple of good options in order to get a valuation of the artwork in your possession. You can contact any appraisal association to get it done or hire an art appraiser to do it for you. Whatever you choose remember that you’ll be paying for their services.

Some of the appraisal organizations that you’ll come across include The Appraisers Association of America, the American Society of Appraisers, the Appraisal Foundation, and the Art Dealer’s Association.

If ever you plan to hire a professional art appraiser then go ahead. You may look online to find someone to do an art appraisal or check out the websites of the said appraisal organizations in order to contact one of their members.