How Much is My Home Worth?

If you’re a homeowner, you might have wondered just how much your home is worth. The reasons behind asking such a question vary from one homeowner to the next.

Some are disturbed about the current turmoil being experienced in their area’s housing market. Others may just be simply wondering about their home equity.

Some will want to sell their home right away depending on the results of their property valuation.

There are even those who would very much like to capitalize on the benefits of home refinancing especially if interest rates are low.

You may also want to consider this if you can find a credit line that also offers low interest.

Whatever reason you may have, you will need a home appraisal to estimate your remaining home equity.

How to Get Property Valuation

There are several options you can try when you want to get a home appraisal or property valuation. You have a choice between free and paid online property valuation estimates.

Another thing you can turn to would be to look at the current competitive market analysis.

Another option is to hire a professional to do a home appraisal for you. We’ll go into details regarding these options.

Free Online Property Valuation

The good news regarding online sites like these is that they are most likely free of charge. There are property valuation sites that even offer very fast estimation processes.

In order to get a home appraisal from these sites, you will have to provide necessary information like tax records for example. You’ll only have to provide such information if they are not publicly available.

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Do take note however that some states allow the use of such sites and some don’t.

In case you live in a territory or state where the use of such sites is illegal, then you will instead get a list of recent home sales with possibly matching satellite photos of the said property.

Fee-Based Home Appraisals on the Web

As you might have guessed, sites like these also offer home appraisals. The difference is that they will charge you for their service.

These sites will give you reports that you may download to your computer. These sites will be a great help if you do not want to look up public information for yourself.

Professional Appraisers

If you don’t want to go over the trouble of digging up information yourself you can hire a professional appraiser.

Do take note that professional appraisers will not benefit from the sale of your home.

And just like online appraisal sites, they also charge a fee for their services.