How Much is a Big Mac?

One of the most delectable, satisfying, and popular hamburgers sold by the international fast food chain company McDonald’s, the Big Mac is a signature product offered by the firm in various countries including the United States, Philippines, Argentina, and Australia.

This hamburger is very famous because it contains healthy and delicious ingredients. To offer variations, the company provides special sauces for the burger.

To know how much is a Big Mac, let us look at the prices of the burgers in different areas.

The Price of the Hamburger

How much is a Big Mac? The answer to this question depends on the place where this special hamburger is offered.

In the United States, the burger costs $3.22 while in Canada it costs C$3.63.

If a consumer purchases the product in Argentina and Chile, it costs 8.25 pesos and 1,670 pesos, respectively.

In Australia, a Big Mac is priced at A$3.45 while in Brazil, it is priced at 6.4 real.

The hamburger is also available in Denmark, Egypt and Iceland. The product costs DKr 27.75 in Demark and it is priced at 9.09 pounds in Egypt. If the burger is to be purchased in Iceland, it costs 509 kronurs.

In countries that use euros as the currency, the price of the burger is 2.94 euros. Big Mac is also offered at McDonald’s stores in Asian countries like South Korea, Singapore, China, and the Philippines.

The product costs 2,900 won in South Korea and S$3.60 in Singapore. In China, the burger is available for 11 yuan while in the Philippines, it is priced at 85 pesos.

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Big Mac burgers cost 6,800 bolivars in Venezuela, 55 pesos in Uruguay, 190 rupees in Sri Lanka, nine riyals in Saudi Arabia as well as 15.5 rand in South Africa.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

The main ingredients of Big Mac are two 45.4 grams of beef patties, iceberg lettuce, pickles, onions, American cheese, sesame seed buns, and the special Mac sauce.

To promote the product in other nations, McDonald’s offers variations of the burger like the Monster Mac, Maharaja Mac, Kosher Mac, and Mega Tamago.

The Monster Mac has eight 45.4 grams beef patties while the Maharaja Mac is either made from chicken or lamb meat. The Kosher Mac, which does not contain cheese, is available in Israel.

Mega Tamago has tomatoes and only one 45.4-gram beef patty. Other variations of the product are the McKinley Mac, Son of Mac, and the Mega Mac.

Some of these variations are offered in Ireland, Malaysia, Serbia, Thailand, and Japan.