How Much Gold is Found in the Human Body?

There is gold in the human body, but it is only 0.000021 lbs. The amount is so small that only traces of it are actually there. But there are still questions as to why it is present at all.

Needed by the Heart?

One theory is that it is required for the heart to function properly. The theory has it that the element is needed for heartbeats to function correctly.

It’s a fact that the gold is found mostly in sections near the heart. Researchers have taken advantage of this by using it to make radio images of the heart. This can be done with isotopes.

There are those who contest this theory. Research has shown heart action is determined by neuromuscular links and ions. Instead of the gold in the human body, potassium and calcium are used.

Health Benefits

The belief that it’s in the body was known among the ancients as well. Among the ancient Egyptians it was believed to fight rheumatism. The Pharaohs were clad in gold for this reason.

Aside from being an ornament, they believed it would dissipate straight into the body. When this happened they would be able to take advantage of its healing properties.

The medical profession is still divided on the use of gold in treating illnesses.

However, some people use it on their joints. Some have reported that it helps alleviate the pain.

Ongoing Medical Research

The reasons for why there is gold in the human body are still being debated.

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However, there is research suggesting it might help treat cancer. A gold isotope (198 au) is said to be helpful in fighting off certain cancers.

Disodium aurothiomalate is a compound used to remove arthritis. It has gold in it. Auranofin is a molecule also used in treating various diseases.

Allergies and Toxicity

Studies have shown that eating gold in minute amounts is harmless.

However excessive doses may be dangerous. It may cause intestinal problems. Another common health issue is skin irritation or rashes.

This can happen if the quantity is in large amounts. The tolerance level of the human body differs.

What may seem like an excessive amount of gold in the human body may not be for another. But taking more than a gram can be hazardous.

The belief that it has healing properties is the reason why it is being consumed. But the matter is still under study. Rather than taking pure gold, imbibing compounds or medication with the element is probably more suitable.

No Purpose?

Some believe that it doesn’t do anything in the body. It could simply be a product of evolution and are merely remnants of no longer needed elements.

The assumption is that the elements in the body all have a function. But some opine that it isn’t the case.

Others contend that this can’t be so. All elements in the body have uses. We just haven’t figured it out yet.

That there is gold in the human body is a fact. Exactly what it is for is still a mystery. Only further investigation may uncover the facts.

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