How Much Does Zac Efron Weigh?

Zac Efron is a very talented singer and actor. He is best known for his role in the teenage film “High School Musical, where he became highly popular, especially amongst younger audiences.

Furthermore, his superb acting skills, cool dance moves, and interesting personality helped him become closer to the hearts of many people from different parts of the world.

In addition to all these wonderful things, it is also good to learn other interesting details about him including how much Zac Efron weighs.

The Weight of Zac Efron

How much does Zac Efron weigh? Although there are reports that he may weigh somewhere around 145 pounds, his actual weight is close only to 109 pounds. He is a health buff who regularly works out to maintain a great-looking body.

He also follows a nice diet program, which is guaranteed to keep his body healthy and in tiptop shape. His full name is Zachary David Alexander Efron. He was born in the City of San Luis Obispo in California on October 18, 1987.


Additional Information and Other Significant Details

Efron’s career started in 2002 when he did guest roles on a number of TV programs including “The Guardian,” “ER” and “Firefly.” In 2004, he became part of the regular cast of “Summerland,” which is a TV drama series was aired on the WB Television Network.

In this show, he appeared alongside Jesse McCartney, Lori Loughlin, and Kay Panabaker. Furthermore, he also appeared as a guest in other hit TV programs like “The Replacements,” “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” and “CSI: Miami.”

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More than anything else, his performance in the Disney Channel film “High School Musical” catapulted him into stardom. The song displayed his tremendously good skills not only in acting but in singing as well.

It also earned him numerous awards as well as the hearts of many audiences from different parts of the world. In 2007, the sequel “High School Musical 2” was released sometime in August. Thereafter, “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” was released in 2008.

He has already won numerous awards and nominations as an actor. In the 2006 Teen Choice Awards, he was the Choice Breakout Star as well as the Choice Chemistry for his role in “High School Musical” alongside Vanessa Hudgens.

Meanwhile, he won the Best Male Actor Award at the 2007 Kids’ Choice Award.

Furthermore, he has also won other acting awards for his performance in other films. For instance, the 2008 MTV Movie Awards rewarded him with the Breakthrough Performance Award for his job in the musical film “Hairspray.”

At the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, he was the recipient of the Best Male Performance Award for his impressive performance in “High School Musical 3: Senior Year.”