How Much Does Wireless Internet Cost?

The cost of wireless Internet will depend on the type of service you want.

For the average kind, that would be around $35 to $50 or so monthly. You also need a wireless adapter (about $100).


The first benefit of using this type of service is that it is very fast. Regardless of the service provider you choose, they’ll use broadband technology. It makes downloading information, pictures, and videos more rapid.

The second advantage is that you can go online virtually anywhere in the house. If you get wireless broadband you’ll have the power to connect even on the road.

This makes it easy for workers to keep in touch with the office anytime.

The cost of wireless Internet for an entire office may be high. But for administrators, the expenses are offset by the increased productivity.

Wireless Adapters

There are now a lot of companies offering these services so you should look around first. Think about the type of connection you want. If you just need to have wireless access from your laptop, all you’ll need is a wireless adapter.

Desktop PCs can use their USB port to plug in the adapter. Older computers and laptops used PCI or PCMCIA adapters. These have been supplanted by the USB.

The cost of wireless Internet adapters will also depend on the wireless network protocol it is using.

The 802.11g can be bought for under $10. The 802.11n will probably cost around $40 to $50. If it’s from a well-known company, it might cost more.

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While you don’t want to be paying just for the name, think of the quality too. If the company has a reputation to keep, you can be certain it’ll offer some sort of support in case something goes wrong.

You might see adapters being sold for $100. These adhere to the latest standards. At the same time, they are designed for long-term or permanent installation.

Is it Cost-Effective?

While the price has gone down, some are wondering if the cost of wireless Internet is really worth it.

The answer depends on your needs. If you are content with the service you have now, there’s little need to upgrade.

If you work in the office, it is a worthy investment. For employees, it means staying in touch. Delivering reports will be easier and so will researching.

For homeowners, the benefit must be weighed versus the cost. For some, doing away with all the cables and wiring are good enough benefit.

Even after you get the system installed, you should always read up on the facts. The technology isn’t standing still. Try to be updated on the latest findings.

If you decide to buy, think of the protocols the network adapter supports. The newer it is the more costly. But it can transmit data faster.

While some may wait for the cost of wireless Internet to go down further, others think that now is the time to get one. By assessing your needs, you’ll make the right call on what service to use.