How Much Does Trex Decking Cost?

Trex is one of the leading and most popular brands for alternative railing and fencing. Aside from these, the brand is also known for manufacturing and selling products that are useful for decking.

Many homeowners use decking products because these are made from high-quality materials like plastic fibers as well as wood fibers.

The products are durable since the wood were protected with plastic shields, which are very helpful in preventing damages caused by insects, splintering, and rotting.

Above all, homeowners agree that buying Trex decking products is cost-efficient because the products are durable and are sure to last for a long time.


How much does Trex decking cost? Trex decking cost differs on the type of products that will be used for the project.

For instance, consumers who like to use the Brasilia Decking should prepare $52 to $70 per piece while those who use Accents Decking should allot $38 to $60 for each piece.

Escape decking costs $62 to $70 per piece and $29 to $75 for every piece. Finally, homeowners who prefer to use the Origins Decking should allot $37 to $50 per piece.

Consumers who do not have enough budgets to hire contractors to install the products have nothing to worry about because the products are easy to install.

On the other hand, those who are in search of contractors can look at the list of contractors recommended by Trex. In this way, they can be sure that the works of the contractor are efficient.

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Additional Information and Other Important Details

To ensure consumers that all the decking products offered by Trex are durable and made from high-quality materials, it offers a 25-year limited residential warranty.

The warranty covers material defects and damages in the products caused by splitting, rotting, checking, and splintering. Aside from these, the warranty also covers termite damages as well as decays.

To avoid experiencing problems and to make sure that the products can be used for several years, it is best that consumers have a sufficient understanding of the proper ways of installing as well as cleaning the decking products.

When installing the products, use a carbide blade to cut the products. To make nice edges, homeowners can use a handy router. To install the products properly, use hidden fasteners as well as screws that have few threads.

When it comes to cleaning, use hot water, soap as well a brush with soft bristles to remove debris and dirt. To eliminate leaf staining, use products that contain phosphoric acid or oxalic.

Rock salt is very helpful to melt ice on decking products. To remove molds from the decking, it is best to use products that have sodium hypochlorite.

Clean the products every fall and spring to avoid build-ups of debris as well as pollen that usually causes the development of molds.