How Much Does the PS3 Cost?

PlayStation3 (also known as PS3) is one of the leading and top-notch video game consoles manufactured and launched by Sony Computer Entertainment.

A unique feature of PlayStation3 that attracts consumers to buy the product is its efficient and advanced online gaming service.

Aside from this, the merchandise has other special and distinct features like an online music video service and the use of a sophisticated graphic interface.

Because of the interesting features of the product, its cost may be higher when compared to other video game consoles.

To avoid having problems in the future, it is best to know how much the PS3 costs before buying the product.

The Price

How much does the PS3 cost? PlayStation3 has two models, namely the 20 gigabytes model and the 60 gigabytes model. The 20 gigabytes model was initially priced at $499 while the 60 gigabytes model was initially priced at $599.

Even if most consumers think that the product is expensive, the company sold 520,000 units in Canada as of the first day of August 2008.

Sony Computer Entertainment was able to sell 8.5 million units in Europe as of the third day of February 2009. A total of 22.73 million units were sold worldwide as of the 31st day of March 2009.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

To make sure that consumers will not have regrets when they buy the product, Sony equips PS3 with special hardware and software.

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Some of the most useful and advanced hardware installed in the product include a Blu-ray Disc drive, Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, and gigabit Ethernet.

Aside from these, the video game console has a sophisticated and efficient microprocessor designed by outstanding companies Toshiba, Sony, and IBM.

When it comes to software, consumers have nothing to worry about because the product has an operating system known as System Software.

To install or download new games from the Internet, PS3 owners can regularly update the software. The operating system is very useful in transferring storage media and games.

In addition, the product is versatile in that consumers can install other software and operating systems in the video game console such as Linux.

To enjoy playing games, watching movies, and listening to music, Sony launched various accessories that can be installed and attached to PlayStation 3.

Some of the accessories that consumers can purchase are wireless DualSchock3 and Sixaxis controllers, the PlayStation Eye camera, the BD Remote as well as PlayTV digital video recorder and tuner accessory.