How Much Does SWAT Get Paid?

Special Weapons and Tactics (also known as SWAT) refer to well-trained squads that are based at police departments in urban areas. These squads are assigned dangerous, challenging, and secret missions.

In addition, the paramilitary teams are also in charge of providing tactical solutions to life-threatening incidents. With these responsibilities and duties, members of these teams are believed to get higher salaries and benefits than the other members of police departments.

To know how much is SWAT paid, it is best to look at the estimated income that the members of the paramilitary squad receive annually.

Annual Salary and Benefits

How much does SWAT get paid? The starting pay of Special Weapons and Tactics members ranges from $32,000 to $55,000 a year.

Members who have been in service for five years and above usually get an annual income of $64,000 to $70,000.

The salaries of the members of the squad also depend on their positions in the team. This paramilitary team is usually composed of 11 members.

The positions in the team include the team leader, the assistant team leader, the counter-sniper, the grenadier, and the operators. The other positions in the squad are negotiator, spotter, and medic.

When it comes to the benefits that they get, members of the Special Weapons and Tactics team can retire after completing 20 years in the service.

In addition, the members usually get 160 hours of sick leave and vacation leave every year. Moreover, the members of the squad have life insurance and health coverage.

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Additional Information and Other Important Details

Being a member of a Special Weapons and Tactics team is not easy. The paramilitary team does risky operations such as serving warrant arrests and crime suppression.

The other tasks of SWAT members include rescuing hostages and securing the perimeter against snipers whenever known political officials visit a particular area.

Additionally, these well-trained police officers are expected to counter terrorist attacks, resolve situations with suicidal individuals as well and assist high-risk operations like drug raids.

To become one of the members of a SWAT team, it is important to complete or attain a degree in criminal justice. It is also important to spend some time as a police officer in a particular department that has

Special and Weapons Tactics units. Submit an application to the team leader if there is an opening.

To be considered for the position, it is necessary to pass a series of tests, which include a firearms test, physical fitness test, and psychological test.