How Much Does Stacy London Weigh?

A renowned media personality and respectable fashion consultant, Stacy London is the lively and entertaining co-host of the reality television program “What Not to Wear.”

Together with fellow fashion consultant and co-host Clinton Kelly, they try to provide ordinary people with amazing makeovers in order to boost their confidence as well as their sense of style.

Here is a quick look at this amazing media personality as well as other interesting information about her like how much Stacy London weighs.

The Weight of Stacy London


How much does Stacy London weigh? The answer is 140 pounds. According to sources, London follows a special diet and works out regularly to maintain her relatively sexy figure.

These factors continue to make her very attractive and sexy, two of the most important qualities that audiences usually look for in reality makeover hosts.

She was born on the 25th day of May in 1969 in the City of New York. She graduated from Vassar College, which is located in the town of Poughkeepsie.

Additional Tips and Other Relevant Information

London’s interest in the fashion industry started when she enrolled in an internship program at the PR department of Christian Dior in Paris.

After that, he joined Vogue magazine as a fashion assistant. This was the very start of his promising career in the fashion world.

When her stint here was over, she joined Conde Nast Publications where she was assigned to work as senior fashion editor of the influential women’s magazine Mademoiselle.

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During that point of her career, she also made photographs of trendy fashion concepts for other publications such as Contents, Nylon, and D.

She worked with famous celebrities like Liv Tyler and Kate Winslet. Furthermore, she also collaborated with fashion designers like Vivienne Tam, Ghost, and Rebecca Taylor during their shows.

In 2003, she started to concentrate on making advertising campaigns for numerous respectable clothing brands and other related products such as Calvin Klein, Levi Strauss & Co., and Procter & Gamble.

Her impressive list of clients also includes Swatch USA, Suave, and Hanes.

She worked with the special soda brand of Coca-Cola called Fresca in 2005. She played a special role in designing concepts for the group’s ‘Fresh New Look’ campaign.

Two years after that, she teamed up with Sprint to design and conceptualize the website of the telecommunications company called My Mobile Style. She also has a talk show entitled “Fashionably Late with Stacy London.”

She and co-host Kelly wrote a book in 2005, the title of which is “Dress Your Best: The Complete Guide to Finding the Style That’s Right for Your Body.”

Add to that, she participates in other television programs including “Access Hollywood,” “The Early Show” as well as “Weekend Today.”