How Much Does Kristen Stewart Weigh?

Known for her impressive acting performances on television and film, Kristen Stewart is a young lovely woman with lots of talents.

Despite her relatively young age, she has already appeared in numerous fascinating films like “Twilight,” “The Messengers” and “Into the Wild.”

Likewise, she also starred in many movies for children such as “Adventureland,” “Zathura” and “Catch That Kid.” Let’s take a closer look at the life of this young, pretty, and highly talented woman.

The Weight of Kristen Stewart

How much does Kristen Stewart weigh? According to recent reports, she weighs 116.5 pounds.

Her complete name is Kristen Jaymes Stewart. She was born at Los Angeles in California on April 9, 1990.

She is the daughter of a television producer named John Stewart and a script supervisor named Jules Mann-Stewart. The name of her older brother is Cameron.


Additional Information and Other Highly Interesting Details

She first appeared on television performing a short role in the production entitled “The Thirteenth Year” for Disney Channel.

After that, she played a significant role in the indie film called “The Safety of Objects.”

After these minor stints, she finally made it big when she became part of the thriller movie entitled “Panic Room,” which she co-starred with award-winning actress Jodie Foster. The movie got a very positive response from film critics and audiences.

After that commendable performance, she once again appeared in another thriller movie with the title “Cold Creek Manor.”

Although this film did not go too well, she was able to work with world-class performers like Sharon Stone as well as Dennis Quaid.

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She then played a starring role in “Catch That Kid,” which is an action-comedy film for children. Additionally, she also had a stellar acting performance in the TV film entitled “Speak,” which was shown in 2004.

Film and television critics always praise her versatility especially when it comes to acting. She next appeared in “Zathura,” a fantasy-adventure movie released in 2005. In 2006, she joined the cast of Griffin Dunne’s “Fierce People.”

After that, she also did well in the thriller “The Messengers.” In the film “In the Land of Women,” she showed the world that she could also do drama.

After years of hard work, she finally reached stardom when she played a starring role in the vampire romance film “Twilight,” which was released sometime in November 2008.

For this particular performance, she was considered the Best Female Performance at the prestigious MTV Movie Awards.

In 2009, she was given lead roles in great movies like “New Moon,” “Welcome to the Rileys” and “Adventureland.”