How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Limo?

A limousine (also known as a limo) is of a high-end saloon or luxury car that features a long wheelbase. Most of these cars are owned by governments since these are used to transport top-ranking public officials.

People who will attend special occasions like weddings and birthdays of famous personalities usually rent these vehicles. To make sure that you have enough budget to rent a car, it is best to know the usual cost of renting a limousine.

Renting the Car

How much does it cost to rent a limo? The rental cost is influenced by several factors including the event where the car will be used as well as passenger size.

However, the cost of renting this vehicle usually ranges between $50 to $75 an hour. Other factors that affect the cost are the model of the car to be used as well as the mileage.

For instance, renting a Lincoln model is cheaper than renting a Chrysler 300 as well as a Cadillac Hummer model.

In addition to this, car rental companies also give additional charges to those who will pick up guests in different locations.

When renting a limousine, it is also important to consider the passenger size. Some of the cars can accommodate eight to ten passengers while there are vehicles that can accommodate up to 50 passengers.

The lesser the number of passengers, the lesser the amount to be paid. Additionally, it is also important to allot extra money since some rental companies give additional charges for beverages and food stocked in the bar inside the car.

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Moreover, it is essential to have additional money for the chauffeur’s tip.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

Limousines are subdivided into four types, namely modern, stage, exotic, and novelty. The modern type is simpler than the other types. Vehicles that fall in this category usually features expensive and top-of-the-line televisions, audio players, video players, bar, and refrigerator.

The stage type includes vehicles whose design and structure are similar to a bus and a sedan. Some of the models that fall in this category are the Chrysler New Yorker, Hummer H2, and Cadillac DeVille.

The exotic type features cars that can accommodate up to 10 passengers. Most of these vehicles have double rear axles.

Some of the cars that are categorized in this type include the Lincoln Navigator, Cadillac Escalade, and Lincoln Town Car.

Finally, the novelty type features body panels that are made from inexpensive but high-quality materials like plastic resin as well as rag fiber.