How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Car in Spain?

Before you make the trip, knowing the costs of renting a car in Spain will help you plan the budget.

The cheapest ones will probably cost a little more than 120 Euros a week.


Although you can travel by bus or train, there are certain advantages to traveling by car. One of them of course, is that you and your friends or family are traveling in private. You don’t have to put up with the noise that comes with traveling with other passengers.

Another advantage is that with the right vehicle, gas consumption is maximized. It is also in many ways more comfortable to ride in. If you are heading out of town, it can be a very pleasurable ride.

When analyzing the costs of renting a car in Spain, the benefits and advantages cannot be discounted.

Searching for Rentals on the Web

The best way to check the costs is to go to the Web. Bear in mind prices fluctuate and can change within a matter of a few days. There are several websites to choose from.

But the best ones are those that allow you to enter very specific information. If the site allows it, enter from which airport you are coming from as well as where you are going.

Also, put in the days or weeks you want to rent it. Put in the size of the car you want to use. Usually, the site will show you a list of the costs of renting a car in Spain.

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Of course, you can also visit the websites of specific car rental agencies. They will provide you with the necessary information for getting the best ride possible.

It is a good idea to spend some time researching. Allow yourself enough time to compare the prices and their offers.

Reminders and Requirements

Before you can drive around, you must meet the requirements. These vary depending on the car agency.

At the very least you will need to present a valid ID, your passport, and proof your credit card is active.

Depending on the car rental service, it may ask for your insurance and other documents.

These are part of the costs of renting a car in Spain, so you should just follow the process.

Choosing a Car

Here are a few things to keep in mind. While cost is the main factor, don’t forget comfort. If you are traveling alone or with a friend, you’ll only need a small car. If you are going with the family, you will need a larger car or even an SUV.

Other factors that can affect the cost will be the fuel efficiency and the engine. In other words, you should get a vehicle that can carry your group comfortably. This is very important especially if you will be heading to coastal or high-altitude locations.

Aside from thinking of the costs of renting a car in Spain, assaying the itinerary is also crucial. This will go some way towards helping you plan for the entire vacation. With some planning, you’ll have an enjoyable and affordable excursion in Spain.

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