How Much Does Blockbuster Pay?

One of the most popular and leading video game, Blu-Ray, and DVD rental stores in the United States, Blockbuster has more than 5,000 stores in the country.

Aside from the stores in America, it has 408 retail chains in Australia, 426 stores in Canada as well and 897 stores in Great Britain. As of January 2009, the company posted a total revenue of $5.28 billion.

In line with the expansion of the firm, it offers numerous job opportunities. To avoid having trouble, it is best to know the hourly salary that employees get for working at the stores of Blockbuster.


How much does Blockbuster pay? The hourly salary received by the employees of the firm depends on their position as well as on the location of the store where they work.

For instance, those who work at the stores in Michigan usually get an hourly pay of $7.50 while employees working at the stores of the video game rental company in California receive an hourly pay of $8.

In the stores of the company in Australia, employees receive an hourly pay of $19.01 and employees in Puerto Rico get an hourly pay of $5.15.


Even if the salaries received by the employees of the company are not that high, the company ensures that employees have the benefits that they deserve.

Some of the minor benefits received by employees include free game and movie rentals, in-store discounts, flexible schedules as well and parental leave.

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When it comes to insurance coverage, employees of Blockbuster have medical coverage, dental coverage, vision plans, and pet insurance.

Aside from these, they also have home and auto insurance, long-term as well as short-term disability and life insurance.

When it comes to financial incentives, they have nothing to worry about since the company provides an effective employee bonus program, 401k plan, and tuition fee assistance.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

Blockbuster Incorporated was established by David Cook in October 1985. Its first store was opened in Dallas the same year.

The expansion of the company started when Wayne Huizenga acquired the company in the late 1980s. To attract consumers, the company opened various franchises in America.

When the firm started to get billions of revenue, Viacom acquired the company for only $8.4 billion. The acquisition happened in the early 1990s and since then it continued to expand.

In the early 2000s, the company acquired various stores from other DVD retailers such as ChoicesUK. The acquisition has added 450 employees to Blockbuster.