How Much Does a Web Designer Make?

Web design refers to a set of skills and knowledge used for developing or making content presentations that can be accessed by people with the use of the World Wide Web.

Web designers are professionals who are knowledgeable about the different disciplines covered by web design such as communication design, search engine optimization, interaction design, information architecture as well as human-computer interaction.

To know how much a web designer makes, let us have a closer at the average annual salary of people involved in this profession in terms of experience and tenure.

Annual Salary by Tenure and Experience

How much does a web designer make? The salaries received by people who are practicing web design for less than a year is $35,425.

Individuals who are involved in this profession for a year to four years make $39,119 a year. People who have been designing content presentations for the web for five years to 19 years receive $49,745 a year.

Finally, those who practice this profession for 20 years or more make $67,500 a year.

Annual Salary by Type of Employer

The salaries received by people who are knowledgeable about making web content presentations also depend on the type of company or agency that employs them.

For instance, those who work for a private organization or corporation make $41,518 a year while people who work for a nonprofit organization receive $40,538 a year. Self-employed web designers make $26,345.

Designers who work for a university or a college receive $40,946 a year and those who are employed in state and local governments make $37,346 a year.

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The average annual salary of professionals who are employed in hospitals is $59,850. Finally, those who work for foundations or trusts make $29,890.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

Web designers are knowledgeable about the use of various coding programs. Some of the most used codes include PHP, Javascript, XHTML, and HTML.

The basic tasks or responsibilities of these people include the creation of a graphic design, which can be used effectively to communicate the ideas and concepts being promoted by a particular website.

In addition, they are in charge of collecting text documents as well as images that will be featured on the site. In this regard, it is important that they have an ample understanding of file transfer protocol.

Above all, they should have sufficient knowledge of the most popular computer language used for developing websites, which is known as the hypertext markup language or HTML.