How Much Does a Tattoo Hurt?

The question about tattoo pain is the main reason why some refuse to get one. While it’s become fashionable, some people are just too afraid. But does it really hurt? In a word, no. Well, not that much, anyway…

Physical Discomfort

What sets people back are thoughts of passing out due to intense pain. That isn’t the case at all.

Actually, the feeling that people get varies. Some say it feels like a very warm scratch. Others report a more itchy feeling. A few say that it is more of an annoyance than anything else.

These are physical discomforts, not actual pain. It is true that people have varying thresholds of pain.

However, almost all can withstand tattoo pain. Most of the people who faint or cry out do so more out of fear than anything else.

More Fear than Pain

Those who faint or pass out do so out of fear of being hurt, not by feeling any real hurt. Because they are so afraid, the mere thought of being tattooed causes them much pain.

This is no different from those who are afraid of dentists or needle shots.

The psychological fear embedded manifests physically. The individual trembles feels weak, and faints. The problem can be exacerbated by other actions.

If the person doesn’t eat before the procedure, they will be in a weakened state. When they imagine the tattoo pain, their physical state deteriorates even more.

Getting Rid of Pain and Fear

Here are some suggestions to help you overcome the fear. Get a tattoo on the nape, back, or anywhere you won’t be able to see the needle.

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For some, not seeing the needle go through the skin is enough to alleviate the pain. In fact, the needle goes in less than a sixth of an inch.

If you are afraid of blood, there’s little reason to fear. Because the needle doesn’t go in too deep, very little (if any) comes out. If your idea of tattoo pain comes from the thought of seeing blood, don’t worry.

If droplets do come out, they are cleaned by the tattooists. Most actually don’t even bleed. The ones that bleed excessively are those that drink alcohol before the session.

Other Reminders

There are a couple of other things you need to remember. The first is to learn as much as you can about it.

Nothing eradicates fear quite like knowing the facts. When you get all the facts straightened out, the fear will dissipate. The next is to find a qualified tattooist.

Ask someone you know who can recommend a good one. When you get there, just relax. If there’s still a little fear, remember that you are not the only one.

Most of them will tell you that only the first minute is the worst. After that, everything will be okay.

The simple fact is that tattoo pain isn’t as bad as you may think. Most of it is just in the mind.

After you’re done with the first one, fear will turn into appreciation for an amazing tattoo.