How Much Does a Passport Cost?

The cost of passports depends on the country. In the United States, it is about $100. However, these fees may vary depending on a number of factors.

Applying in Person

For individuals 16 years and above, the passport book will cost $100. $75 will go to the Department of State. The $25 is for the facility in which you applied.

Those under 16 will get the passport book for $85. $60 will go to the State Department and $25 to the facility.

The passport card for 16 years and older is $45. For those under 16 years of age, the cost is $35.

Applying by Mail

The cost of passports by mail is as follows: for persons over 16 years of age, the cost is $75.

Those under 16 years old can get it for $20. Those under 16 years of age cannot avail of the mail services.

Expedite Services

For those who want quicker service, the expedited service is available. For people 16 years and older, the passport book costs $160.

Those below 16 years of age will have to pay $145. Those applying by mail will have to pay $135. The mail service is not available to those below 16 years of age.

Besides these fees, each expedited service request costs $80. So besides the fees mentioned, there is an additional $80 for each one. Passports are more expensive here, but they will be processed more quickly.

Overnight delivery is also available. The fee will depend on the delivery you choose. Whichever you choose you will have to pay $14.85 to the State Department.

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Whichever service you select, it must be able to relay the package at a P.O. Box. It is also important that you pick one with confirmation capabilities.

Ways of Paying the Fee

You can pay using any of the following credit cards: VISA, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. Bank drafts and debit/check cards are also acceptable.

Money Orders (international, US, currency exchange, postal) and checks (traveler, personal, cashier, and certified) are also accepted.

If you are at the facility, the cost of passports may be paid in the following manner. For the passport application fee, bank drafts are acceptable.

So are money orders and personal checks. Some sites accept cash payments. You may inquire at the Acceptance Faculty section.

The $25 execution fee can be paid in the following manner: personal checks or cash money orders.

Payment by bank draft is also permissible. Credit cards are also suitable. The execution fee is not applicable when applying by mail.

Remember that these expenses are for applying for a passport in the United States. The costs may be higher or lower depending on where you are.

The currency exchange rate, among other factors, will determine the total expenses.

The cost of passports is subject to change. To get the most current information, it is best if you check with the State Department.

For those outside the United States, you need to visit the US embassy or consulate.