How Much Does a Mclaren F1 Cost?

If you are looking for an expensive, rare, and extremely beautiful sports car, then you must have the McLaren F1 in mind. Designed by Gordon Murray and manufactured by McLaren Automotive, this special vehicle has been established as the fastest production car worldwide.

In March 1998, it set a record-breaking speed of 240.1 mph. It has special technologies and designs not found in other sports cars. Check out its other cool aspects and features including how much a McLaren F1 costs.

The Cost of a McLaren F1

How much does a McLaren F1 cost? Because of its superior beauty and rarity, this special vehicle is estimated to cost somewhere between $2 million to $4 million.

Overall, McLaren Automotive manufactured a total of 106 units between 1992 and 1998. It is a 2-door, 3-seat coupe with an RMR layout.

Furthermore, it makes use of a 6-speed manual transmission with a wheelbase measuring 2,718 mm. Its other measurements include a height of 1,140 mm, a width of 1,820 mm, and a length of 4,287 mm.

Additional Tips and Other Important Details

Not only is the exterior of the McLaren F1 beautiful, but the interiors are as well. Primarily, its design adheres to the basic principles of high-performance cars, which are high-powered and lightweight.

It is made from the finest materials available there including Kevlar, magnesium, and gold. Likewise, it also contains titanium and carbon fiber. More importantly, it has superb safety features that are guaranteed to keep drivers safe, especially in case of accidents.

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This special vehicle was launched at a show that was held at the Sporting Club somewhere in Monaco on May 28, 1991. The camshaft control is made from highly durable magnesium castings, including the housings, oil sump, and cam carriers.

Additionally, it also features a better power-to-weight ratio, which guarantees smoother and faster acceleration. The cylinder bores are covered with nikasil coating to make them last longer.

The United States version of this vehicle is called Ameritech McLaren F1. Vehicles under this specific edition were designed to pass the strict standards imposed by the regulations of the country. This edition does not have airbags.

Instead, it has a single driver seat positioned in the middle part of the vehicle. It has also passed stricter emission standards, which make it environment-friendly. Since the start of its production in 1995, only five units have been manufactured.

Furthermore, it weighs lighter compared to the original version. Some of the other enhancements include an upgraded gearbox, improved aerodynamics, and a newly designed transaxle.