How Much Does a Fireworks Display Cost?

The cost of a fireworks display starts at $500 for simple ones and will run for five minutes or so.

Half-hour displays cost around $20,000 or more. For the different types, the following information can function as a guide.

Assorted Boxes

If you’re not sure of what to get, the assorted types are your best bet. Usually, these come in at $400 or so. Because they contain various types, it can be cheaper than buying specific kinds. It also saves you the trouble of looking for different types.

Another nice feature is that the sets come in themes. There are family sets consisting of fireworks like sparklers and poppers.

They also come with smokes that don’t make a lot of noise. If you’re looking to lower the cost of fireworks, the assorted types are a good option.


Aerial repeaters (a.k.a. cakes) come in various sizes and types. The 7 shot costs about $10, while larger ones retail at around $18 or so.

Those with the maximum pyrotechnic limit cost at least $45. The number of tubes can consist of a dozen to hundreds.

Aerial Shells

This is one of the most popular items available today. They are easy to light up and come in many colors. The tubes are usually one or two and the shells can consist of over a hundred.

The smaller variants may cost about $15. It usually has a foot-long mortar with a dozen shells or so.

The cost of fireworks with large shells will go up. They start at $50 and can reach $300 or more. The mortar is usually 18 inches long with at least 25 shells.

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The Aerial Display Tubes

The single-tube variants cost $15. The multiple-tube type contains more shells and effects. They usually cost at least $60.

These are similar to aerial shells. However, they do come with more effects.

Spinners and Fountains

These items retail for about $3. The gadget flies off and ejects an assortment of colors in the sky.

Their motion has earned them the moniker of helicopters. Fountains are also very popular.

These are ground-based fireworks. Once lighted they produce sparks. The large ones can eject the sparks up to a range of over ten feet.

The cost of fireworks displays like this is about $15 a pack. Those who use aerial shells often buy fountains to complement the display.

Ground Spinners, Mines and Novelties

Ground spinners come in various types. The most popular are Ground Boom Flowers, which move around in circles. They are usually sold in packs of four for $4 or so.

Mines eject colors and sparks in the shape of a fan. Novelties are those fireworks that resemble vehicles and animals.

In terms of sparks, they are not as showy as the others, but their shape makes them popular with children.

Regardless of the fireworks you use, always follow the instructions to avoid any accidents.

Of course, the total cost of fireworks will depend on the show and the quality of the products.

But this price guide should help you plan your budget more effectively.