How Much Does a Dominos Pizza Cost?

One of the largest pizza delivery companies in the world is Domino’s Pizza. It has over 8,000 stores including those that are franchised and corporate. The company’s global presence is felt with stores in over 50 countries. It was principally founded by Tom Monaghan in 1960 and became a publicly traded company in 2004. If you’re looking for great hot pizza to rival the likes of Pizza Hut then you might consider the evenly crusted pizzas of Domino’s.

Domino’s Pizza’s 30-Minute Guarantee

Domino’s Pizza once had a 30-minute guarantee wherein if the pizza was delivered later than 30 minutes, the pizza would be free.

Due to the fact that sometimes their delivery drivers had to break traffic laws and other driving concerns, the money-back guarantee was dropped and was later advertised as an estimated time of delivery.

However, this guarantee still stands in some parts of the world like Indonesia, Lebanon, Brazil, and Chile.

The price of the pizza wasn’t made free but pizza prices were reduced in half if deliveries were late.

You can order from Domino’s Pizza online and even track your order on their website. Some countries, however, won’t have the privilege of ordering online.

Food and Pizza Prices

A regular or single will cost around $6 to $12.99. These will include their Double Decker, Supremo, Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch, Pacific Veggie, Memphis BBQ Chicken, Bacon Cheeseburger, Meatzza, Pepperoni Feast, and Deluxe.

The single or medium-sized pizza will cost around $6, a family pan is around $7 to $8, while a big family pan will cost you up to $12 or more.

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Take note that you may even order a pizza of your own. This means you have the option to choose whatever toppings you want on your pizza.

Another option would be special offers where they offer a combo of pizzas and a drink for a good price of about $15.

Pizza prices in Domino’s Pizza will generally vary depending on which part of the world you’re ordering.

At times, some territories will have additional taxes or fees when dining or ordering from fast food stores. The difference in pizza prices won’t be that large, however.

Another obvious factor that can immediately affect pizza prices is the size of the pizza you’re ordering. Size choices include a family pan, single/regular or medium, and big family.

Choosing from single or double toppings will also have a direct effect on the pizza price.

Tip: Like its competitors, Domino’s Pizza will give away promotional coupons that you can take advantage of. Do take note, however, that sometimes you get more pizzas than you bargain for and sometimes even more than you can ever eat.