How Much Does a Cruise Liner Costs?

The cost of a cruise liner runs in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The Queen Mary 2 is one of the most costly at over $780 million.

By looking at the amenities of a typical cruise ship, it will be easy to see why it is so expensive.

Amenities and Accommodations

The features of these ships vary, but the most luxurious ones will include champagne bars and grand lobbies. The grand lobby is usually the place where music and dancing take place.

If you watch the movies, this is the area where elegant staircases are located. This is usually apart from the grand ballroom and other lounges.

Other Entertainment Centers

The cost of a cruise liner is increased by the inclusion of theaters. Some can seat hundreds but the bigger ones can hold over a thousand people inside.

Most offer Internet service as well. High-end ships are complete with email, Web use, and Wi-Fi hotspots too.

Most liners also have casinos. The large liners have complete features. There are gambling tables for the various card games and slot machines.

Because video poker is becoming popular, it is now included in most liners as well. Discos and pubs are also on offer in most ships.

Health and Fitness

No modern cruise ship is complete without fitness centers. These centers also push up the cost of a cruise liner.

Spa and massage services are available. Sports decks feature basketball courts, golf and pools.

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Other Features

These ships include libraries and art galleries. There are also stores where people can shop for jewelry, clothes, and more.

Most of these liners also have playgrounds for kids and teenagers too. Most also have at least a couple of swimming pools.

Some liners have pools separate for kids and adults. They also have roofs so people can swim regardless of the weather.

Facts and Figures

Given the amenities, it is hardly surprising that these ships are huge. The largest ones are more than 1,000 feet long.

A large part of the cost of a cruise liner is due to the construction itself. Of course, this includes paying for the laborers, engineers, and other personnel. The planning stages alone cost time and money.

Most weigh in at over 150,000 tons. The Queen Mary 2 can carry over 2,000 passengers as do most of the other large ocean liners.

This does not include the staff and crew. Most ships have at least a thousand to attend to the needs of all the passengers.

The food served onboard is equally large. On the average, 20,000 lbs of meat are consumed. Over 7,000 tons of ice cream and more are eaten by passengers on a weekly basis.

Of course, this does not include the scores of suites and rooms that house the staff and passengers.

With expenses coming in at nearly $800 million, the cost of a cruise liner is as large as the ship itself.

But with the industry booming, the profits are growing and more than compensate for the expenses.

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