How Much Does a Copyright Cost?

The basic cost of copyright is somewhere around $45.

However there may be other fees, and the cost may increase depending on certain conditions or if you avail of other services.

Automatic Copyright

In 1989 a law was passed stating that any original creation in the United States automatically has a copyright.

However, registering it with the US Copyright Office is desirable in case of any legal disputes.

The Average Cost

The first step is to file for an application fee. This costs $45 and is nonrefundable. You must also submit a replica of your work.

This cannot be returned either. If you want to register a work that is in progress, you must pay $100. This is not returnable either.

The media covered by the pre-register copyright include film, sound recordings, and books.

This cost of copyright also covers computer software and photographs (for ads or marketing).

Attorney Fees

There are copyright attorneys you can hire. The fee ranges anywhere from $250 to $350.

This is inclusive of the $45 filing fee. Apart from helping you sort the process, a lawyer can help you in other ways.

For example, he/she may help you with the process of setting up a licensing agreement.

A licensing agreement means you allow someone to use your work under certain terms and conditions.

The charging fees of lawyers vary. Generally, it starts at $100 up to $500 an hour.

Other Miscellaneous Fees

There are other ways in which you can file a claim. Online, the cost of copyright is $35. This covers the basic terms.

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For registration on Form CO, the fee is about $45 to $50. Form CO comes with the 2D barcode form. There is also a shipping mark.
The following are all paper filing claims.

On other forms (PA SE, VA, TX, and SR) the cost is $50. For published pictures (CON, PPH, and Form GR) it is $65.

If you want to renew claims (Form RE) minus the paper filing, it is $220. Serial issues (i.e. SE/Group) it is $25. For Form GATT it is $65.

For amending a registration it is $115. This is for Form CA. The cost of copyright for yet-to-be-published works is $115.

An additional certificate will set you back $35. If you want to register for mask work (MW) the cost is $105; for a vessel hull, it is $220.

Other Services

There are other services you can avail of. A quick search report has a fee of $445 an hour.

The minimum time is two hours. When making requests for reconsideration, the charge is $250.

For making copies of the record, the cost is half a dollar per page in black and white. If it is in color it is a dollar per page.

A copyright is valid up to 70 years following the death of its creator.

You likely won’t use most of these services and only the basic ones. But whatever the cost of copyright may be everyone should obtain one.

After all your hard work, it is only right that you get the protection you deserve from the law.