How Much Does a Bale of Hay Cost?

The average cost of a bale of hay varies a lot. To get an idea you must consider issues like size, bale type, and location.

And these are just some of the factors.

Cost and Bale Size

For not more than 50 lbs of the material that would be at least $4 to $5. If it weighs more, the cost will go up. For 75 to 100 lbs, expect the price to reach around $10 and probably more.

For those that weigh over a ton (1,000 lbs plus), it would be around $55 to $60. Some of the medium sizes sell for about $25 to $40.

However, the cost of a bale of hay will also be dependent on the weight.

Weight Considerations

You should also think of the weight. This can be quite complicated though, because a bale doesn’t always tip the scales in the same manner. The reason has to do with how tight the material is tucked in together.

Some materials are crammed tightly so that the bale weighs over 130 lbs. If the pressure is light, the heaviness will be reduced.

In some cases, it can go down to 70 lbs or so. If the packing is not tight and heavy, it’ll cost less. If it is full, expect the cost of a bale of hay to be higher.


Sellers and buyers also account for the type itself. There is alfalfa, Timothy, and clover hay among others. It also matters if the grass is new or not.

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The moisture also plays a role in the weight. Consequently, it plays a role in the charge that will be levied.


Your location is also instrumental in determining prices. Some would assert that it is the most critical factor. If you are in the city, the cost will be higher.

This is understandable. It will cost more to produce and must also cover other expenses.

If it’s in the country, prices might be lower. The reason is that it’s more prevalent.

With more to choose from, sellers will have to reduce the cost of a bale of hay to get people to buy.

Tips for Sellers and Buyers

You need to balance the costs and the weight of the material. It’s a good idea to check the prevailing market value. Check with various sellers to get an idea of the rate.

For average needs, $5 per bale is the standard cost. If you need several hundred pounds, consider buying in bulk. It might save you some money.

For sellers, consider the prevailing economic conditions. You don’t want to sell them cheap, but you don’t want to price yourself out of the market.

Another crucial factor is the weather. Simply put, the more grass there is, the lower the asking price and vice versa. Think of this fact before setting a price.

There are many factors that affect the cost of a bale of hay. By understanding the various issues that affect it, you’ll be able to buy and sell at the right rates.

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