How Much Do Veternarians Make?

Veterinarians are registered physicians who are knowledgeable about the diagnosis of animal health conditions. To become an animal physician, it is important that you complete a degree in veterinary medicine.

It is also necessary that you pass a national licensure examination. The salaries received by the physicians depend on how long they have been in practice. In addition, their salaries also depend on employment type.

To know more about the income of animal physicians, let us look at their average annual salary based on tenure and experience.

Average Annual Pay by Years

How much do veterinarians make? Animal physicians who have been working for less than a year have an average annual pay of $59,727 while those who have been practicing their professions for one year to four years have an average yearly salary of $64,558.

Veterinarians who have been in practice for five years to nine years earn $70,071 a year while physicians who have been working for 10 years to 19 years make $74,468 a year.

Finally, those who have been practicing the profession for at least 20 years make $80,981 a year.

Average Annual Pay Based on Employment Type

Animal physicians who work at private firms have an average annual pay of $66,501 while those who work at nonprofit organizations earn $67,245 a year.

Self-employed veterinarians make $74,943 a year. Those who are employed by local and state governments have an average annual salary of $70,210 and animal physicians who are employed by the national government make $79,094 a year.

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Animal doctors who work for trusts and foundations have an average annual pay of $70,000. Lastly, physicians who are employed at colleges and universities receive an average annual pay of $76,025.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

The responsibilities and duties of veterinarians include the provision of quality healthcare for livestock, sporting animals, zoo animals, laboratory animals as well and pets.

The requirements for becoming a registered or licensed animal physician vary from one country to another.

In some countries, animal physicians should be enrolled in internship programs before they get the license to practice their professions while in other countries they can work instantly as soon as they pass the national licensure examination in veterinary medicine.

Some of the daily tasks of animal physicians are vaccinating pets against distemper and rabies, diagnosing animal diseases as well and providing medicines to pets that are suffering from illnesses and infections.

The other responsibilities of these physicians are performing surgery when needed and giving advice to pet owners concerning animal behavior and proper animal feeding.

Above all, veterinarians are allowed to perform euthanasia on animals if necessary.